Rangers owner Craig Whyte caught out by ‘Tommy from Glasgow’

Date: 7th March 2012 at 9:18 am
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Craig Whyte Rangers tax casePhone-in fanatic ‘Tommy from Glasgow’ has claimed his most high profile victim- Rangers chairman Craig Whyte.

Most phone-in hosts are familiar with his whirlwind style which can run to three or four minutes without drawing breath as he goes off on one!

Earlier this year ‘Tommy’ enjoyed a lively exchange with former SFA chief David Taylor who joked that Celtic had few friends in the media- especially in the BBC.

Whyte has kept an even lower profile since putting Rangers into administration but was rumbled by Tommy’s intrepid style.

With the mainstream media unable to engage Whyte in anything to do with the future of the club Tommy swung into action, catching Whyte off guard and remarkably forthcoming about the state of the clubs’ finances to a virtual stranger.

Amazingly Whyte claimed that there was no chance of Rangers going into liquidation and that there would be no tax liability at the end of the current process to which Tommy suggested that they should ‘hook up’.

Posing as businessman Stewart Henderson, Tommy claimed to be based in Melbourne, New York and Silicon Valley despite speaking with the broadest of Glasgow accents. Born in Possil Tommy described himself as a die-hard true blue as Whyte questioned his background.

Rangers fans have reacted furiously to Whyte’s decision to put the club into administration with a number of interested parties in discussions with administrators Duff and Phelps about investing in the club to take them out of administration.


Part 1 of Tommy and Craig Whyte phone call


Part 2 of Tommy and Craig Whyte phone call.

The story originated on the huddleboard forum with a full transcript available on Celtic Underground


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0 thoughts on “Rangers owner Craig Whyte caught out by ‘Tommy from Glasgow’

  • Eoin
    3 years ago

    Unbelievable – well played ‘Tommy’!

  • steven1888
    3 years ago

    This is absolutely brilliant this. Can’t beleive that Tommy was able to get CW to speak to him at such lengths.


  • Pensioner Bhoy
    3 years ago

    So far up his own he can’t even hear what he’s saying. It wasn’t interference. It was utter sh**!!

    H H

  • davy
    3 years ago

    The ego of this man is incredible,still trying to get money from anyone. Cannot believe that he spoke at such length, every bluenose should listen to this,rock on Tommy, priceless.

  • dannybhoy22
    3 years ago

    tommy bhoy the celtic phone jacker diffrent class, c’mon u bhoys in green

  • Frank McGaaaarvey
    3 years ago

    I am sure this would have been very funny and enlightening indeed, but am I the only one who could not make out a f****ng word that Mr Shyte said?

  • daithi
    3 years ago

    I feel sorry for him…

    How must he feel when he hears the one pleasant conversation he has had in months has been a hoax!?!

  • Jase
    3 years ago

    Read this in the paper and thought it would be a bit better but Tommy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer eh. Surprised CW fell for it!!

  • Vinny
    3 years ago

    Are you telling me this is real? Good Lord what a tit Whyte is.


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