Raith chairman hits out at SFA and SPL

Date: 3rd July 2012 at 6:02 pm
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Stewart Regan Celtic newsRaith Rovers chairman Turnbull Hutton has hit out at the corrupt way the SFL is attempting to create a First Division place for Sevco.

Despite the pleas of Charlie Green the SPL will meet tomorrow to reject the plan for Sevco to replace Rangers as Club 12 in the fixture list.

Rather than have Sevco apply with any other applicants for a place in the Third Division the SFA and SPL are proposing that a First Division place is kept for Sevco,

As a sweetener for rolling over to turn next season’s First Division into a promotion procession the SFL clubs are being promised play-off places, league reform and a larger annual cheque from the SPL.

Rather than requiring approval from 75% of the member clubs the new deal will go through with a 50% majority to allow Sevco into the First Division.

(We are being) bullied, rail-roaded, lied to,” Hutton explained. “We have been threatened and bullied. It’s not football as I know it.

“It was a ridiculous document that came out last week, whereby that threat was there if we don’t vote for an acceptance into the First Division a breakaway SPL2 will come along and all those clubs that didn’t vote won’t be invited.

“What kind of a game are we running? Corrupt.”

A statement from the SFL read: “The Scottish Football League in an ordinary meeting of clubs, held a full and forthright debate on the current issues affecting Rangers F.C. and the potential impact on The Scottish Football League.

“It was a meeting where all clubs were fully briefed on a number of scenarios and given all the necessary information that we have at our disposal to allow them to have an informed position with their boards and their fans.

“We are now allowing clubs time to reflect on the information before asking them to make any formal decision.”

Neither Doncaster or Regan were prepared to comment after speaking to the SFL clubs. Raith, Dunfermline, Morton, Falkirk, Clyde, East Fife and Stranraer have all spoken out against the Sevco plan with only Donald Findlay’s Cowdenbeath backing the First Division deal.

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3 thoughts on “Raith chairman hits out at SFA and SPL

  • KevinBarry
    3 years ago

    doncaster and co must resign.

  • Andybhoy
    3 years ago

    Finally someone from WITHIN our game has the guts and integrity to stand up and call it exactly like it is, the SFA & SPL are corrupt.

    Our game would be in much safer hands with honourable guys like Turnbull Hutton in charge instead of these corrupt deceitful morally bankrupt conniving little parasites we have now.

    Messrs Doncaster, Regan, Longmuir and last but certainly not least Ogilvie you are a disgrace to our game and have no right being anywhere near positions of power within it. YOUR TIME IS OVER!

    • Pensioner Bhoy
      3 years ago

      I am with you. Vote in these honourable men who have the real good of the game at heart. I am just worried about how I would deal with ‘no corruption’ mind you. The old ticker might struggle with such a shock!

      H H


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