Green can’t stop talking about Celtic

Date: 4th March 2013 at 7:52 pm
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Charles Green newsJust 48 hours after criticising Celtic’s response to the Nimmo Smith enquiry Charles Green is back to lumping Celtic in with his get-rich-quick schemes for Sevco.

Having been snubbed by adidas for a kit deal and agreeing a 12 month shirt sponsorship deal for an undisclosed sum with Blackthorn Cider the Yorkshireman is poised to save Scottish football by taking his club AND Celtic to England.

After unaudited accounts revealed that debt free Sevco are losing £1m a month Green turned to his pet broadcaster to predict yet another exit from Scottish football.

“I’m convinced that Rangers and Celtic will not be playing in Scotland in five years because I think Rangers and Celtic are too big to remain there,” Green told unquestioning STV. “I think there will be cross-border leagues.

“I think if you’ve seen the press today there are a number of comments from the [IFAB] meeting in Edinburgh where they are already looking at sanctioning a Ukraine and Russia cross-border league.

“This concept that you can’t have cross border leagues is now a myth. There will be cross-border leagues within the next two or three years and I think Scottish football, forget what’s best for Celtic and Rangers, I think Scottish football will be better off without them.”

While there is broad agreement between clubs in Holland and Belgium and also in Russia and Ukraine there is no natural partner for Scottish clubs.

Earlier this season Green claimed that his club were wanted by The Conference but the subject has never been raised among clubs in the fifth tier of English football.

STV are also reporting that the naming rights for Ibrox have been sold to Sports Direct.

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0 thoughts on “Green can’t stop talking about Celtic

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  • Tony B
    2 years ago

    El Greengo keeps confirming what everyone already knows.
    He is a mega fanny who should do himself and the rest of us sane people a favour by returning to his role of Mel Harvey in Benidorm.

    Ayoop Madge has tha seen mah boodgie smooglers?

  • eastside
    2 years ago

    Green is becoming tediously boring, he was funny for a while but is now just irritating. He needs his 4th tier tribute act to be associated with Celtic F C and the notion of the Old Firm to exist so he can line his pockets. Keeping the PRODUCT that is the Old Firm alive is the main goal for parasites like Green, it’s the same reason the MSM and the Muppets running the game are so desperate to keep the reincarnation going unhindered. Keeping the Old Firm PRODUCT is what this is all about. Football in Scotland is nothing but a scripted show, The Old Firm is the all that matters because it creates money, we are openly told this by those in charge.

    • Celtico102
      2 years ago

      On the money eastside, the old firm is dead along with that rancid old club. I for one will never use old firm to describe any match in the future between sevco and us. Hail hail

  • gerrym
    2 years ago

    kenny sheils is a football man,how can anyone say he has an agenda now the mullet and wee craig brown thats a different case altogether now

  • Jhimmy T jnr.
    2 years ago

    In the job 7 Months and already desperately clutching at straws imo.

    Wednesday’s objective would be to take each half 1 at a time i.e. 1 nil to the hoops at H/T would be a start – another goal in the second half at any time could give us the chance to nick an equaliser in the dying minutes or injury time – I hope Mulgrew’s fit – I feel his set-piece’s must play their part.

    Good luck Celtic HH

  • Williebhoy
    2 years ago

    As it now seems that no further investigation / appeal will be made in the scandal. Celtic and the rest better have a very good reason. ANY attempt to elevate Sevco will be seen as bowing to their demands and will result in a backlash from the fans.

    If rumours of a new league format are true, then it would be expected that invitations are to be extended to clubs to join…..there should be absolutely NO WAY that Sevco can participate for a MINIMUM of 3 years and that is being mild.

    I fully realise our club made huge income from such matches but they can be replaced with prestige games against top opposition / balanced by easier qualification for Europe / success or being THE only big club in Scotland for sponsors.

    Tonight’s game for me is only about hopefully regaining some pride. A scoring draw would be a decent result, qualification is well beyond the current team in truth. Hopefully we will take this experience onboard for our next campaign.

  • johnbhoy12
    2 years ago

    “We’re the biggest club in Scotland” – Chuckles the Green


    Celtic – 50 million in 6 months
    Sevco – 9.5 million in 7 months

    Need a little remedial math?

  • Mick
    2 years ago

    Can’t believe the number of so called Celtic fans phoning hotlines etc saying they want that mob fast tracked into the SPL. They have spent their whole history, old club and new trying to destroy us. Had we committed the crimes they have, we would have been crucified by all and sundry. Roll on liquidation, the sequel.
    Do us proud in Turin Bhoys.

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