No welcome from chairman Smith for James Easdale

Date: 10th July 2013 at 9:37 am
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Walter Smith Rangers newsJames Easdale has been given a silent ‘welcome’ to the blue room.

The controversial Renfrewshire transport tycoon was appointed as a non-executive director of Rangers International yesterday afternoon but there was no glowing words from chairman Walter Smith.

James, and his business partner, and brother, Sandy are believed to have an agreement in place to buy out Charles Green’s shareholding later this year.

The arrival of Easdale co-incided with the departures of Malky Murray and Phil Cartmell leaving Smith isolated in the board surrounded by Green’s allies.

In contrast to the silence that greeted Easdale’s arrival Smith was full of praise for the departing duo.

In a stock market statement the club chairman said: “Both Malcolm and Phil have made important and valuable contributions to the club.

“The last year has presented the club with a number of challenges and it has been beneficial to have two highly experienced non-executive directors such as Malcolm and Phil offering assistance.

“On behalf of the board I would like to thank them for their considerable efforts in helping to rebuild Rangers. Both men have other significant business interests and we wish them well in their future endeavours.”

When he was appointed as chairman in May Smith said: “Unity among the directors is vital. We must all be on the same page as often as possible. We won’t always agree but Rangers, this club and our fans must always come first.

“It is a great honour to be asked to take up this position and it goes without saying that I feel proud as well as humble. However, no one should believe that I see my role as a passive one.”

Smith’s boardroom skills are likely to be tested as the new look board attempt to get spending under control ahead of an AGM following the publication of audited accounts.

0 thoughts on “No welcome from chairman Smith for James Easdale

  • kalashz
    3 years ago

    Did the cardigan not say he would walk if “they bus people got on the board”?

  • Mike Bhoyle
    3 years ago

    Just lovin’ the turmoil and strife at the Govan Club….Long may it continue….
    Like kalashz…I was thinking exactly the same thing….
    He certainly gave the impression that if Malcolm Murray went…he would too….
    No more than they deserve….
    Hope they have a whip round for the Easdales regarding the £100K…that’s gone missing at the bus station….
    Hail hail
    PS: Did you say Audited Accounts…? Find that hard to believe…:0)….

    3 years ago

    canny wait till nxt friday Joe u coming down for Q&A with Phill and 2 Pauls,

  • lenndo
    3 years ago

    It doesn’t surprise me this guys now on the board at sevco. Be feeling at home soon enough. Love to see their audited accounts.

  • gert/canada
    3 years ago

    The phrase transport tycoon could mean anything. Just what is the most profitable product these gentlemen transport .


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