A Grand Wee Read


At this time of year there is never a shortage of books about the hoops, inevitably of varying quality.


Histories of the club tend to be rehashed versions of previous books with little original content aimed at the Christmas market where an easy present can be bought.

There are a few exceptions of course and The Celtic Miscellany is certainly that- exceptional.

There is no real theme to the book but there’s something worth reading on every page, some new information, an explanation or a reminder of issues from the past.

Almost everything is in the book but it’s random nature and meandering style gives the book a character of it’s own.

All the main personalities in Celtic’s fantastic history are covered, Murdoch, Johnstone, Tully, Auld and Hay etc, Brother Walfrid through to Larsson, Boruc and Nakamura, the supporters, the strips and the events that shape the club and as you read it and get thinking there is without doubt other areas of the club that a follow-up book could drift into.

The content isn’t all sanitised, controversies are looked at refreshingly and honestly… I could go on.

If Santa doesn’t drop The Celtic Miscellany your way then treat yourself to it and enjoy a grand wee read

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