There’s only one Davie Provan


He was a great player in a great Celtic side of the early eighties and is one of the few former players to have genuinely made it in to the ‘meeja’ off his own merits rather than relying on the former player tag.

Davie Provan linked up brilliantly with strikers whether it was Nicholas, McGarvey or McCluskey through to a newer side of McClair and le petite merde.

Playing in front of Danny McGrain, Provan was an essential part of a successful Celtic side before being struck down with ME that forced his retirement from the game with his last memorable contribution being the equalising free kick in the 1985 Centenary Scottish Cup Final win over Dundee United.

Provan has graduated through the media ranks to being straight talking, honest and controversial, but crucially not controversial for the sake of it.

In a great interview in today’s Sunday Herald, which strangely almost acts as an advert for the News of the World, Brian Conney finds Provan in good form. Opening up about the loss of his father, the ‘skive’ of being a footballer, his political voting but most of all lifting the lid on what passes for media coverage in this country.

Admitting to the system where chairmen and managers have journalists basically on a string, or the ‘grace and favour’ system, Provan speaks out about how he has the independence to call it as he sees it without having to then go and plead for airtime or words with those that he has criticised.

Compromise for copy it could be called with Provan now an opinionated outsider contributing to Sky Sports, the News of the World and Radio Clyde.

Provan discusses Tommy Burns, Gordon Strachan and others with the frankness and honesty that is rarely displayed when the microphones and cameras are switched on.

He is happy to go on record with his affection for Celtic although that doesn’t stretch to contributing to club publications and delivering the agreed soundbites expected with the party line.

The feature is punchy, honest and open with Provan admitting that his real friends are now in the golf club with football pals virtually non-existent.


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