Celtic v Daily Record: Thugs and Thieves II?

Celtic weren’t slow to put their retaliation in on the Daily Record story claiming that Scott Brown had been told that he was no longer required by Tony Mowbray.
The story contained quotes from the player which gave the story extra strength but Brown has been quick to ‘put the record’ straight as is often said with these type of stories.

Speaking to the Celtic website the midfielder said: “Obviously I am very disappointed with this article as there is no foundation to it. I have worked with the manager for some time and have a very good relationship with him.

“It’s disappointing to have been out for so long with an injury but I’m looking forward to getting back to full fitness as soon as possible and getting back in to the team for the second half of the season.”

There’s not much room for misinterpretation with those quotes or any possibility that the original words have been ‘lost in translation’.
The Record claimed: ‘Tony Mowbray has stunned star man Scott Brown by telling him he has no future at Celtic.’
Celtic famously fell out with the Daily Record in December 2002 following a front page story that is almost as famous as ‘Freddy Starr ate my hamster’ when the newspaper ran with the ‘Thugs and Thieves’ headline relating to the behaviour of players on a Christmas night out in Newcastle.
A cold war followed between the two parties but the Record and Celtic need each other with the relations eventually being patched up although the Record’s double decker bus in Seville six months later wasn’t the most popular.
Football clubs and personalities regularly threaten to take legal action against newspapers, and other than the prolific Martin O’Neill these issues get forgotten over the course of time.
Whether Celtic take legal action remains to be seen.
The Celtic statement added: “The story, which appeared on Wednesday morning, has been dismissed by both Tony Mowbray and Scott Brown as being totally without foundation.

“The club is currently taking legal advice over the issue.”

Tensions have clearly been raised with the story going a step further than the usual transfer speculation that football clubs expect at this time of the year.

The final ten days of the transfer window will make interesting reading for everyone. If relations have broken down the Record won’t hold back, if a compromise has been reached between the club and newspaper then a series of positive stories are likely to appear over the coming days.

Celtic website denial

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  • Alex says:

    and how exactly do celtic need the record? if not for a few thousand lousy sponsorship money?

    Aboout time our board stood up for the club and tell it like it is.

    Tell da record ta gtf like most of the anti-celtic excuse for a scottish media.

  • Joe McHugh says:

    Like it or not the Record is still bought by 300,000 people every day, down a lot, but still a massive number. Many of those people that buy the Record are Celtic supporters.

    By having a relationship with the Record Celtic have a degree of influence over what is in the Record.

    The Record needs Celtic more than Celtic need the Record but the club advertises in the Record because they know that it is bought and read by Celtic supporters. Even though the numbers are falling it still reaches thousands of Celtic supporters on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous says:

    Any Celtic Supporter buying this rag hang yer head in shame, and from now on get behind the team stop reading this nonsense Celtic

  • paul Mac W,Belfast says:

    Well said , how can any true Celtic supporter buy this garbage , we should all boycott ths paper it does nothing but write rubbish about our beloved Celtic and well said again get behind the team and stop playing into the hunsand their paper s hands.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it time for Celtic FC to get out the big stick to the Daily Record’s so called sports journalists, so far the only stick we seem to be using is Ken Dodds tickling stick because almost on a daily basis all these despicable low lifes are doing are laughing at us. This week as with every other week we get another so called “Exclusive” from the scum of the earth doing their up most to destabilise the club, the players, the manager and the supporters, and they are very good at it so much so that they make the CIA look like The Peoples Front Of Judea.
    The ongoing saga of Scott Brown getting the boot from Celtic despite the protestations from the club, the manager, and Brown himself is downright slanderous and the issue of credibility from this so called National Newspaper and it’s sports editor Traynor needs to be addressed severely!!

    For as long as I can remember there has always been a Scottish media bias against Celtic and all things Celtic, but in recent times it has got worse, a lot worse. Every manager, every player, every executive that comes in the door are instantly demonised by this despicable shower. Ever since Jansen crushed the dreams of the quintessential club from Govan the Record with other Scottish media have had an ongoing agenda against Celtic with stories that beggar belief and are designed to destabilise the club. Fergus McCann had the right approach to them “Litigation” as with O’Neill, if they cant prove what they print then get them in court, better still, stop all players and staff from giving interviews to them because no matter how innocent a statement is made they will surly turn it round to mean something entirely different. It is a known fact that Rangers do not allow players to give interviews without first going through the management.
    For far too long Celtic have allowed themselves to be demonised by this scum and what makes it more exasperating is the fact the club gives these despicable low life’s “Hospitality” on match days, with their own comfy area and all the “hospitality” that goes with it AT OUR EXPENCE!!
    Kenny Dalglish had the right idea, make them mix with the supporters when giving press conferences, let them account for the rubbish they print in front of the supporters, and make them pay on match days in the stands like everyone else, you will hear the outcry from them big time, but it wont matter as they couldn’t be more odious to us as they are now.

    Time for the Celtic Board to wave the big stick and it they don’t like it then tough, the internet is the place for all the proper news the Celtic supporters requires.

    from ~~~

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