Chairmans incredible machine gun rant

by Joe McHugh Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony has unleashed an incredibly honest statement on his club’s website sparing no-one as he describes the season is graphic detail.
Football fans are forever wanting to know what is going on at their club- today’s online rant has answered more questions that Peterborough supporters could ever have asked!
Transparency and honesty can be elusive in football with club’s hiding behind the confidentiality clause as they keep their business under wraps… except at Peterborough.

Celtic cyberspace would go into meltdown if Peter Lawwell or John Reid were to come out with anything like that of their counterpart at Peterborough.

Back-to-back promotions under Darren Ferguson have catapulted the club into the Championship but sitting eight points away from safety the tension of almost inevitable relegation have pushed the club chairman into an amazing ‘reveal all’ rant.
Summarising his feeling MacAnthony said: “The team spirit from the last two years has nearly been destroyed by greed, skullduggery, tapping up and disloyalty from within and this has all occurred over the last 120 days or so, non stop and is eating away at our inner core.
“Every week brings another drama and it usually involves an ex-manager, a current team member and the promise of bigger wages followed by a derisory £100k bid and all this after the player has been unsettled and offered terms behind our back.” The strange business world of football has come as a shock to the 33-year-old chairman who made his fortune on Spanish based property.
Turning to his players he added: “Our club took chances on many of our players when nobody else did and rewarded them all with good long term contracts that included the promotion bonuses and wage rises.
“They in turn repay the club with below par performances, temper tantrums off the field and making it clear they no longer want to play for our club when the going gets tough.”
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Morale in the Celtic dressing room was apparently damaged when Tony Mowbray remarked that he would like to bring in ten players in January- the effect of MacAnthony’s comments on the Peterborough dressing room can only be guessed at.
Peterborough face Preston tonight with former manager Ferguson returning for the first time.
Looking towards this event the Posh chief said: “Tuesday’s game gives our club the chance to put the ghost of Darren Ferguson to bed and allow us to move on once and for all. It also gives our players a chance to show some character and most importantly some balls for the challenge ahead.”
Even referees get it from MacAnthony with a comment that would have the SFA in meltdown if it came from a Scottish manager.
He claimed: “They are the worst standard of refs I have ever seen in my life at this level and have given our club nothing for most of the season. Before they try and fine me for those comments, they should review the majority of our games by tape and ask themselves if I am actually right?”
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