Bellamy told to stay away for three months!

Former Celt Craig Bellamy looks to be on the move again with reports that Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has banned the striker for THREE MONTHS!
Five years ago Bellamy was at the heart of Celtic’s faultering title bid before moving on to Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool and West Ham before joining Manchester City for £14m last January.
Following the sacking of Mark Hughes Bellamy was reported to have complained to the club bosses about the sacking and has never really got on with Mancini.
The former Inter Milan boss seemed to prefer Robinho over the Welsh striker with their relationship taking a turn for the worst last week.
When The Sun does these type of stories they tend to be well sourced and not rushed through which suggests that there is plenty of truth to the incident.
The Sun claims: “The manager was yelling ‘Why are you always questioning me? Why won’t you do as you are told? Why are you always questioning everything at training and in games?’.
“Bellamy argued back that he only wanted what was best for the club.
“But Mancini snapped ‘I want you to leave now. And do not come back for three months’.”


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