Robbie ready to put Paris into the past for title chase.

Robbie Keane is ready to put three months of frustration into the past as he kicks-off his Celtic career at Kilmarnock.
The Ireland skipper was more devastated than anyone when Thierry Henry’s handball ended his nations World Cup hopes in the Stade de France sparking a worldwide outcry.
No one had did more than Keane to drive Giovanni Trappatoni’s side to South Africa but more than his World Cup ambitions lay in ruin.
Returning to the Tottenham side he was to find it increasingly difficult to split up the Jermaine Defoe/Peter Crouch partnership favoured in attack by Harry Redknapp.
With just one goal, against Peterborough since that night in Paris the attraction of Celtic must have grown on Keane by the day.
Just before midnight on transfer deadline day he took his bow in front of thousands of delirious Celtic fans with the serious action starting tonight.
In a league almost devoid of characters and special talent the pressure will be on Keane throughout his Celtic loan deal- something the striker relishes.
He admitted: “I’ve had pressure throughout my career as a player and as a striker, pressure comes with the job and it’s something that I thrive on.
“This is a big time for me, I want to play and score a lot of goals for the club, that’s why I’m here and relishing the challenge.
“If Tottenham had a game on Tuesday I’d be available, there’s no reason why I can’t be available for Celtic at Kilmarnock.
“I trained well on Monday and feel good, it’ll take me a few games to get settled in and get my match sharpness, that will only come with games.”
Explaining his move from the Premiership Keane added: “I could have stayed at Spurs and been happy sitting on the bench as a bit part player but that’s not for me.
“People who know me know that I want to play football, I wouldn’t be happy sitting collecting my money and not be playing.
“I’ve always wanted to play for Celtic and I think that this works out for all parties.
“It’s been no secret that Celtic have been trying to get me for a few years, for different circumstances it just didn’t happen but this time it’s came about, there was a chance that it could happen.
“I put my thinking cap on and didn’t need much persuading, I’m happy to be here and looking forward to putting the jersey on and playing games.
“I spoke to the people who are really close to me, the people that I’ve always spoken to and I know a few of the players here like Lee Naylor, Aiden McGeady and Darren O’Dea.
“They told me that the club was massive, I’m a Celtic supporter so I know what comes with it and didn’t have to ask too many questions.
“It’s been no secret that I’ve been a Celtic fan and wanted to play for them one day. I’m lucky enough to come here at a good age, I didn’t want to come here at 34 years of age, at the end of my career and struggle.
“I’m coming here at the peak of my career and can really help the club.
“It’s a loan until the end of the season. I want to get games and hope that it works out well for myself, Tottenham and obviously Celtic. I’ll enjoy these few months of playing football.”
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  • Keaneasmustard. says:

    I've just read on the Club's official web-site that both Keane and Kamara are included for to-night….be interesting to see who gets the "chop"….I don't mind if it's Samaras ( too unpredictable)but I hope that Rasmussen and or MAF aren't "sacrificed "…..
    I don't think Aiden will play so MAF might get a wide slot….interesting times indeed.
    Hail Hail

  • Anonymous says:

    Given the number of players who will now be "surplus" to first team action ( assuming that the first picks are fit)…..
    where will they play their games now that the Reserve League is no more??

  • Joe McHugh says:

    The team will be very interesting tonight, we have incredible competition, on paper anyway, for places.

    I would see Keane and Kamara as the first picks with Rasmussen and Fortune close behind.

    Keane and Kamara are on loan I wouldn't expect all four to be at the club next season, perhaps we might play a front three tonight rather than 4-4-2.

    I don't think that there is any future for Samaras, McDonald and Killen have moved on with the World Cup in mind, Samaras may soon be wondering where his World Cup place is going.

  • Keaneasmustard says:

    Care to speculate, Joe, on tonight's STARTING 11…..??
    I'll go for…..
    Hinkel / Hooiveld/ Thompson / O'Dea
    McGinn / N'Guemo/ Brown
    Kamara/ Keane/ Fortune

    What's the chances ??

    Come on the Hoops.

  • Joe McHugh says:

    I think that I can quite confidently rule out Scott Brown from your team Keaneasmustard! Niall McGinn is also an unlikely starter.

    I'll guess at
    Hinkel, Thompson, Hooiveld, O'Dea
    McGeady, N'guemo, Ki, Fortune
    Keane and Kamara
    SUBS Zaluska, Caddis, Crosas, Zhi, Rasmussen, McGinn, Samaras

    I could do a cheaty and edit this later but I'll see how it goes, sadly Paddy McCourt is out with a knee injury

  • Keaneasmustard says:

    I was so "spoiled for choice"…..
    Can you believe …I forgot about KI ?? I did…..what a d***.
    Celtic have now withdrawn their offer to me as "Official Team Guesser".

  • Joe McHugh says:

    Don't worry about it Keaneasmustard, you had Brown in your thoughts, he ended the night as captain!

    Major major injury problems now in defence, Braafheid and O'Dea will need to come in at Dunfermline I'd assume

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