Nacho Novo says No Thanks to new Rangers deal


Greedy Nacho Novo has turned down a new contract from his beloved Rangers to sign for Spanish giants Sporting Gijon (pronounded hee-haw).

Novo is the first out of contract player to turn his back on a new deal despite the lure of guareteed Champions League football at Ibrox next season.

The 31-year-old started just 14 SPL games for Rangers last season and has recently been heavily promoting his book.

Damarcus Beasley and Steven Smith weren’t offered new deals and will leave under freedom of contract leaving David Weir, Kris Boyd and Kirk Broadfoot to ponder their future’s.

Manager Walter Smith has been working without a contract with the departure of Novo a telltale sign that new owenership is unlikely before the start of the new season.

Long time ‘buyer’ Andrew Ellis has still to formulate his bid while Dave King’s prospects of mounting a bid to buy-out Sir David Murray seem remote as the South African tax authorities step up their action against him.

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  • Al says:

    It’s pronounced Hee-Hon you ignoramus.

  • Aido Bhoy says:

    Or did Rankers say no to him ?

  • wuzz1888 says:

    Good riddance ya wee parasite!!!

  • Joe says:

    Novo is a nothing player. I can imagine the offer for him was around a tenner a week, and though this is twice his real value, he was also probably told he wasn’t wanted and had to leave.

  • Arbeit Macht Frei says:

    furskin rat

  • daviel says:

    The man, and I struggle to call him a man, gave up all of his principles to endear himself to Rankers “supporters”.

    He became the personification of scum – cheating, FALSE – SCUM

    thank god he’s gone – RIP Rat Boy

  • Joe says:

    Al, you are on form today. Did you look up that word?

  • Big Mike says:

    I would like to add my good riddances to the week worm also.

  • kowalski says:

    who cares?..

  • Boston Rich says:

    My Athletico supporting brother-in-law says “Nacho who?”. The little weasel has turned his back on his beloved Rangers! Ha. As for his book and its title…as if Celtic were interested in the scumbag.

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