Kenny Miller prepares the sat nav for Rangers exit


Whose next after Thompson?

Kenny Miller is waiting on a tap on the shoulder to tell him that he’s the next player on the great Ibrox exodus.

The striker is one of the top earners at Rangers and knows that the club would rather sell him now than see him leave on a Bosman deal at the end of the season.

After losing Kris Boyd for nothing Rangers can’t allow anyone else to leave without receiving a fee with Miller amongst half a dozen players into the final year of their Rangers contract.

The £2m transfer of Kevin Thompson followed by Chris Eagles rejection of a move to Ibrox again highlighted how tight finances are at the club despite the guarantee of Champions League football for the second season running.

Despite that windfall players like Miller, Lee McCulloch, Andy Webster and Neil Alexander are resigned to the fact that their current terms won’t be available again when their current deals run out.

“If the club came to me and offered me a deal I would be more than happy to commit myself to Rangers,” Miller admitted. “But it’s been made quite clear to us that that’s not going to happen.”

The loss of Boyd and Thompson and the lack of new faces has added to the uncertainty amongst the Rangers players.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted by the club with Walter Smith unlikely to be able to use much of the transfer fees to retain or add to his dwindling squad.

Miller added: “You just never know what can happen. I’m sitting here now but something could happen tomorrow. It leaves uncertainly within the squad at the moment because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

“I don’t want to leave, but sometimes if you get the tap on the shoulder from the manager to say someone is interested in you, it can be exciting.

“If it’s the right thing and something you’re interested in, then fine – it can be a welcome chat with the manager.

“But there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s not ideal, but this is the situation the club is in. And as it stands, there aren’t any decisions to be made, so you just need to get your head down and get on with it. Lads like myself don’t have any decisions to make as things stand just now.

“It’s disappointing when you’re happy somewhere and feel settled. Under normal circumstances, if you’re doing well and the team is successful, then the manager would be knocking on a few doors saying he’s looking to extend your stay.

“But if the club isn’t in the position to do that, then there’s nothing anyone can do. It does bring uncertainly. Going into the last year of your contract gives you all different things to worry about. You think about what would happen if you get injured and things like that.

“It’s worrying, but that’s the time we’re in. We just need to deal with it and if any decisions need to be made along the way, then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Personally, I’m as happy now as I’ve ever been at any other time in my career.”

Rangers paid Derby £3m to sign Miller in 2008 less than a year after leaving Celtic for Pride Park.

Miller will turn 31 in December of this year with any offer of around £1m likely to be accepted by the cash-strapped club.

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  • joe says:

    We should buy him back, this time directly fom Rangers. Can you imagine the indignation?

  • joe says:

    The truth is Kenny Miller should never have been allowed to leave Celtic. He is too good for Rangers, and no matter what has transpired with his goals against us since, no-one will ever be able to erase the memory of his reaction the day he stroked the ball through Alan McGregors legs at Celtic Park while scoring his first Celtic goal. Kenny Miller brings something no other striker since Henrik. he is mobile and never stands still. He works hard through good games and bad. Not quite what we see from Sammy or Fontune is it?

  • bigrydo says:

    Get a grip joe id never have miller back. Lennon is buildig for the future so why look to the past. Miller ix nowhere near good enough for us,never has never will. And what about Keane, he was our player of the year after playing only 19 games

  • joe says:

    bigrydo you say Neil is building for the future i would have to disagree. if you think offering deals to guys like Campbell,Bullard and David james is building for the future your off your nut. I think you need to get a grip not me Miller is better than what we have just now and would bring pace and movement which is what we need.

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