Egg on face for wise cracking Aidy Boothroyd


Coventry boss Aidy Bothroyd has taken the huff with Keiren Westwood after feeling the full force of player power.

The goalkeeper will walk away from Coventry on a free transfer at the end of the season after turning down a new deal to stay at the Ricoh Arena.

Boothroyd had his supporters rolling in the aisles as he compared an offer from Celtic for the keeper to being £3.50 and a bag of haggis.

Some friendly banter followed between Neil Lennon and Boothroyd but as reality sinks in at Coventry Boothroyd decided to drop the highly rated keeper from the Coventry side that lost 3-1 to Millwall on Saturday.

“As a manager, you’ve got to make decisions and I made one regarding the goalkeeper (Westwood),” Boothroyd admitted.

“We’ve got a situation where I want him to sign, his representatives want him to sign, the club and everybody in Coventry wants him to sign but he’s not quite sure yet.

“I do want to make it very, very clear that I absolutely love Keiren. I think he’s a terrific keeper and a brilliant lad.

“He needs fair but firm handling and I think he’ll go all the way to the very top. But he’s not ready, nobody’s come in for him and therefore I’ve got to go with what I think is consistent and settled.

“I want Keiren to play in the Premiership with us but, as good as he is, I’ve got a decision to make before the next game.

“I have to have a chat with him and find out it he’s part of the future here or not. If he isn’t, we’ll have to deal with it.”

This time next year Westwood is almost certain to be playing in the Premiership or SPL as Boothroyd cracks jokes for the dwindling crowds following Coventry.

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  • Rick says:

    It’s really got very little to do with Celtic – this was the situation that was always going to play out. The fact is, we may sell him in January or we hope that keeping him rather than accept a relatively miniscule amount (especially when considering payments owed to Carlisle) will benefit the club with a decent position this year.

    It wasn’t really a joke, it was a small off-the-cuff remark, ill-advised, but harmless.

    Celtic are a massive club when you consider support, sure; but the league isn’t of a standard – so I suppose it’s better to fire your green and white pellets of arrogance this way rather than at poor little premier league Hamilton Academicals.

    It must be so frustrating.

  • Patman says:

    Haha what a douche bag

  • Woody1 says:

    Mmmmmm, Premier League or SPL. Not really a tough one that, is it???

  • CelticRay says:

    Superb — hope we sign him on a pre-contract in January

  • skyblue says:

    Egg on face?? Feeling the full force of player power?? Funny how differently you can view something with jock coloured glasses on! Get over it…

  • Joe McHugh says:

    Celtic have realistic aspirations of regular Champions League football, if we get things right we can reach the knock out stages.

    Matching the might of Blackburn and Wigan is as good as it’ll get for Aidy and Cov.

  • Joe says:

    Bad attempt at diplomacy there Rick. The fact is your manager stated something claiming he wanted the keeper to play in the premiership with Coventry.

    Do you really believe it is likely? Let me help you with that one. Not a snowballs chance in Hell.

    As for the comparison between the EPL and the SPL, you all need to get your heads out of that dark stinky place you have it down there in Engerlund.

    There are four teams in your EPL, the rest are joke fodder. Do you understand what that makes the rest of the teams down there in the lower leagues? You probably thought Engerlund were going to win the World Cup too eh?

  • Sky Blue says:

    Relatively speaking, for Coventry to match the achievements of Blackburn is a far greater achievement than Celtic qualifying for the Champions League.

  • Rick says:

    Dark stinky place we have down here? Have you seen Leith?

    Wasn’t really an attempt at diplomacy, so I have to say bad attempt at comprehension there Joe.

    I’m not referring to the EPL – I’m saying that although Celtic are obviously bigger than any English Championship club, the standard of opposition is far higher in Westwood’s current league.

    ‘Do you understand what that makes the rest of the teams down there in the lower leagues? ‘ – Really struggling to make sense of this – but if you mean, as I think you do, that because you’ve stated that outside of the top four, English Prem clubs are joke fodder, that makes it somehow true, then I’m afraid that’s a sack of cack.

    Not a sack of haggis mind, I’m no racist.

  • Rick says:

    Also, nope.

    At no point did I think that England would win the World Cup. I doubt England will win the World Cup for the next fifty years.

    Similarly, I doubt Scotland will ever eclipse the albeit thin achievements of the English national team. I doubt that your two clubs will progress past the preliminary CL rounds over the next few years and I sincerely worry for the state of the Scottish FA’s economy.

    Still, at leats you haven’t got your heads in dark, stinky places.

  • Max says:


    I think the phrase, “no one came in for him”, answers that one!

    As for the WC, exactly how many finals have you been in since you won it 44yrs ago, at home, at Wembley by a dodgy goal with a homer ref?

    How many finals have Germany been in?

    In fact how many finals have the Dutch been in?

    I remember the WC before last when you leathered Jamaca, who have about the same population as Leith, in your last pre-comp friendly, and reading your press the next day you were world beaters, lol!, and telling the world you had it in the bag, ha! ha!

    I also remember the Republic of Ireland coming home about the same time as you to a heroes welcome, where as your mob slinked of the plane red faced and humiliated lol!!

  • Rick says:

    I see, Max.

    What a strange argument.

    As I pointed out, England have hardly achieved anything on the World stage – so what point are you making by bringing successful nations into it?

    I was simply responding to the first stone cast, and pointing out that as inferior as the English national team has proven to be, it is superior to the Scottish. There’s a million reasons for this – population levels, politics, the socio-economic landscape – but it is a fact.

    I’ll agree that our press is ridiculous. I live in Wales so can see the media balance towards English hysteria – but the facts are:

    1) England, though they have a worse team than dozens of other nations, they are better than Scotland. Rankings, qualifications, performances etc.

    2) The English Championship is far more competitive, and I would argue, of a far higher standard than the Scottish Premier. Aren’t some of last years better Scottish players at Middlesborough now..?

    3) The Westwood situation, as I originally said, has very little to do with Celtic. EPL clubs aren’t in simply because they think he’ll be free next year, and aren’t willing to pay a price for him now.

  • skyblue says:

    This is no just turning into a rant about the English. It must be so hard for a whole nation to be this bitter and desperate to be half as good as their more illustrius neighbours. You Scots crack me up.. Again, GET OVER IT….

  • Sean O'D says:

    Where you sent to coventry sky blue hahahaha

  • Max says:

    Rick, it’s more than possible that London has a bigger population than Scotland!
    BTW Thanks for a civilised responce to my post,(although I might went into a bit of a rant!!) maybe the tone of the thread wound me up a bit.
    The talk that Celtic, or rangers for that matter, not being good enough for the EPL is a joke.
    I just read an article ‘The Swiss Rambeler’, gratefuly provided by ETIMS, if you have the time give it a read.
    BTW I agree, the English media are a joke and and really don’t do your team any favours.

  • Joe says:

    Out of touch with reality there Rick are you?

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