Feyenoord trial for Jordan Larsson


Feyenoord have taken Jordan Larsson on trial.

The 13-year-old is following in his father’s footsteps and has created a lot of interest developing his career in Sweden.

Jordan was never slow to show his feelings watching his dad playing in the hoops and would be straight onto the park for a kick-about as soon as the final whistle was blown.

His persuasive powers were also credited with convincing dad to return to international football to appear in the 2008 European Championships.

It’s clearly very early to be judging a 13-year-old but Dutch clubs are renowned for their worldwide scouting with Jordan clearly on the club’s radar.

Henrik made over 100 appearances for Feyenoord between 1993 and 1997 after being signed by Wim Jansen.

After a dispute with Feyenoord that was settled in court Larsson and Jansen teamed up at Celtic to stop Rangers winning 10-in-a-row with the striker going on to score 242 goals in seven seasons with Celtic before winding down his career with Barcelona, Manchester United and back in Sweden with Helsingborgs.

Despite the difficulties in the latter part of his Feyenoord career Henrik clearly respects his old club enough to allow Jordan to join them on trial.

Jordan has been playing for Hogaborg with his dad delighted at how his son is developing.

Speaking in 2007 Henrik said: “I was exactly the same as him. I used to do some fishing behind our forwards.

“It was a bit later on in my career that I began playing up front and just scoring goals.”

Petter Nilsson, Jordan’s manager added: “Now I am the manager for Jordan and before that my father was the coach for Henrik when he played for Hogaborg.

“Everyone in this age group wants to become a professional football player ? and so does Jordan.”

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  • I met wee Jordan in Stewartfield Park by the loch when his dad was coming back from the leg break. The wee man impressed that day as his dad spoke to him in Swedish and he answered in broad Glaswegian. It was a proud moment for me that day and Henrik literally bristled with charisma.

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    I remember Henrik’s wife bringing him to a game , as a baby, wrapped in a shawl…
    where have the years gone ??
    Hope he turns out as good as his Dad….and we sign him…
    Good luck son.

  • Joe McHugh says:

    Roll the clock forward 25 years and the grey-haired Jordan will be playing with Islam Feruz in the Masters, still captained by Tom Boyd.

  • steviebhoy says:

    get him signed celtic.

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