Taxman takes club to court over £25,000


Rochdale have become the latest club to appear in court against HMRC- over a claim for £25,000!

Any thoughts that the taxman might ease up after losing out in a test case against Portsmouth can clearly be dismissed the HMRC appearing to be doubling their efforts against the football industry.

Rochdale won promotion to League One last season and have never been noted as big spenders and are unlikely to have contemplated an Employee Benefit Trust.

Manchester United, Birmingham City and Rangers are all under the microscope for EBT schemes which HMRC believe has been used to evade tax payments.

Rangers accounts for the year 2007 listed EBT payments of £4.98m with the figure dropping to £2.29m the following year.

Tonight a statement from Rochdale read: “Rochdale AFC would like to clarify the situation with regards to the listing of winding up proceedings by HMRC on the 25th August 2010.

“The listing was made by HMRC as a consequence of a disputed amount of just over £20,000 and despite club officials being in discussions with HMRC to try and resolve this matter, HMRC took what the club believes to be an unnecessary and over aggressive attitude.

“The club has paid the disputed sum in full and continue to investigate this matter, reserving the right to claim any refund that may be due. In paying the disputed amount HMRC have confirmed to the club on the 12th August 2010 the dismissal of the proceedings.

“Rochdale AFC would like to confirm that all payments to HMRC for both PAYE and VAT are completely up to date.”

Rochdale Chief Executive, Colin Garlick commented “We are very disappointed that HMRC chose to take the action that they did particularly as we were in dialogue with them to resolve this matter, it is unfortunate that this has happened at a time when the club has worked so hard to bring, and keep its tax affairs up to date.”

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