'Boro fans deliver damning verdict on Gordon Strachan


Gordon Strachan

Middlesbrough supporters have given Gordon Strachan an overwhelming thumbs down in a survey carried out by the local newspaper the Evening Gazette.

Any survey deserves to be taken with a pinch of salt, especially on-line, and will no doubt be met with Strachan’s disapproval.

Keeping the local paper sweet is an important aspect of most manager’s job with a two way relationship required for the benefit of the paper and manager/club.

By sanctioning the poll it’s fairly certain that the sports editor has given up on any charm offensive with the current boss to furnish his pages with exclusives.

An on-line poll is especially open to abuse but other than the odd Newcastle or Sunderland supporter having a laugh it’s difficult to imagine that anyone other than a ‘Boro supporter would be bothered giving an opinion.

Approaching his first anniversary in charge at Middlesbrough Strachan appears to have avoided the honeymoon period that he enjoyed at Celtic and fast forwarded straight into the car crash zone where a championship was tossed away to a Rangers side apparently on their financial uppers.

More than three quarters of ‘Boro supporters, in the poll, believe that he shouldn’t stay on as manager.

Over 90% believe that Strachan’s overall performance has been poor with a similar figure believing that the entertainment on offer at The Riverside Stadium is poor.

In terms of team selection, tactics and motivating players more than 80% of ‘Boro fans give Strachan a poor rating.

The key question of whether he should stay on as manager gets a ‘no vote’ from 78.1% of fans with just 7.2% believing that he should remain in charge.


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  • JBD says:

    Gordon’s failing at Celtic,was sticking with his favourites, no matter the result.He won three championships in a row (in spite of BORING football), but failed miserable in his fourth year.
    When he moved to ‘Boro, he made the mistake of taking his favourites who had failed him with him (plus Chris Boyd…FFS)
    A lovely man…boring tactician.

  • Sheepscar says:

    A 3 year honeymoon period? That’s a bit excessive. Most people make do with a fortnight.

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