Are Lech Poznan u-12 ultras the most mental fans?


Celtic’s Green Brigade haven’t been far from the headlines this season with the supporters group picking up on the fanatical ultra movements on the continent.

Adding colour, chanting and controversy seems to be the way of these groups with Celtic yesterday issuing a sit down plea to supporters.

The advent of all-seater stadiums has greatly reduced the atmosphere at most grounds although away fans still manage to bring some sound and excitement to games knowing that their season-ticket isn’t at risk.

Now and then there will be a new fad amongst ultra groups but I’ve never ever seen anything like the video below!

The kids from the Tottenham Academy must have been looking forward to a couple of days abroad, foreign travel, food and footy without quite realising what was coming their way.

A picture paints a thousand words, this video says it all as the Lech boys spring into action against Spurs.

Thanks to Spurs site Harry Hotspur for finding this video

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  • don revie says:

    FANtastic !!! A wonderful experience for the youngsters and a day they will never forget- pity messers Reid and Lawwell would have everyone sitting on their backsides with gags on if it was over here- shame on them !

  • Lisa says:

    My son is the GoalKeeper for Tottenham and I can tell you the boys were so inspired by the supporters. They had been shown video clips before they went of what to expect and that although the supporters are very fanatical they are very friendly. The boys couldn’t wait to go out and play and they certainly responded and won 6-1. The fans clapped and cheered the boys and were very friendly after. They boys are still talking about what a fantastic experience it was and how much a buzz you can get. The U-tube site has had over a million hits with various comments suggesting that is outrageous behaviour and the kids must have been terrified. I can assure you they were not and loved every minute of it and wished they could play to such passionate supporters every week.

  • Rz. says:

    Greetings from Poznan 🙂
    I’m proud of our fans.

    Even Fans of Man City after the Europa League Game in Poznan “borowed” our “fun” – they sing “Lets all do the Poznan” and… Watch on YouTube 😉

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