Bishop Crosas: From Twitter With Love


Kris Commons Celtic newsThe Bishop of Twitter, Marc Crosas, had to rely on tweets to find out about his old team’s derby day success.

From his hotel in Volga the Catalan followed today’s match with a significant chance to his twitter signature which now reads ex-jugador de F.C.Barcelona, Olympique Lyon i Celtic F.C. actualment al F.C.Volga .

Distance hasn’t dimmed Crosas’ enthusiasm as he found out what was happening in the East End.

“Super Hooper!!!!!” didn’t need any translation as word came through of Celtic’s opening goal followed post match by: “What an amazing performance of my bhoys!congratulations lads!i really just can’t get enough!3-0 Booooooom!

“Joe’s the man!!! @joe16led you were superb today ledley, bossed the game in midfield! Well done.

“When i see you celtic, i get out of my head. I just can’t get enough, i just can’t enough!”

I suspect that there could soon be a twitter group pressing to set up a match between Volga and Celtic.

By the sound of things the cava bill at Hotel Crosas could be costly although the midfielder did make his debut in a friendly today which Volga won 2-0 against Shandong Luneng.

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Closer to home Joe Ledley was as calm online as he was on the park, always available and growing in stature game by game.

“Gotta say best atmosphere ever! Thank you. Great fans your are 12 man…” the Welshman tweeted. “Loving the huddle and just can’t get enough!!”

Slightly closer to home in Copenhagen Jos Hooiveld took time off from preparing to face Chelsea in the Champions League.

“Cmon!!!! Get in there lads!! Hail hail!!” was the cry from Jos followed by “Super hooper go for the third mate!! What a ledge!”

And: “Got it in our own hands now!! Fantastic feeling isnt it.. Hail hail! Would settle for the same result on tuesday!”

Irish bhoys Niall McGinn and Graham Carey contained themselves to: “ 3-0 get in there boys” from McGinn and “Great win and a massive 3 points..brilliant bhoys,” from Carey.

Bishop Crosas Joe16led Jos Hooiveld Niall McGinn Graham Carey

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