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Dutch bhoys join Masters bid

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Bobby Petta Celtic newsThere will be a strong Dutch look to this season’s Celtic Masters side With Pierre van Hooijdonk joined by Bobby Petta and Regi Blinker.

Petta will be making his Masters debut with van Hooijdonk and Blinker both playing in the 2009 side which beat Dundee United to win the Scottish Masters.

Goalkeeper Allen McKnight will be the oldest player in the squad, stepping in to replace Stewart Kerr who has had the thankless task of being in goals for the last two years.

McKnight’s Centenary side team-mate Andy Walker is also in the eight man squad alongside Tom Boyd, Brian McLaughlin and Mark McNally.

This years six team format sees Sunderland joining Celtic, Rangers, Motherwell, Kilmarnock and St Mirren.

Sunday’s event starts at 3pm and will be screened on Sky Sports.

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  • Stephen Cain says:

    Why would Andy Walker want to represent Celtic in any capacity with his constant digs at Celtic and his backing of everything Rearangers do.
    He must be getting a few bob out of it.

  • Stevie says:

    Sad to see Andy Walker anywhere near Celtic.

  • Greenjedi says:

    I take it Blinkers playing because the tackles aren’t as tough?

  • oldcharliep says:

    Wish people would stop going on at Andy Walker all the time. He is by no means a saint, but is certainly not the worst. He was the first pundit to call what was happening to Neil Lennon exactly what it was.

    Following the despicable scenes at Swinecastle, whilst being interviewed ‘live’ on Sky Sports he was asked about the difficulties that existed in Glasgow and Scottish Football in general, Walker stopped them and their questions by stating ‘ lets call it what it is – bigotted sectarianism against a man who is a Catholic from Northern Ireland who has never hid his love for Celtic Football Club’. He remains the only pundit or journalist that I have heard saying this.

  • Frank McGaaaaarveeey! says:

    I never understand some fans point of view towards ex-Hoopees who are pundits.

    Think of the likes of Derek Johnstone who is nothing more than a lickspittle Rangers apologist and he gets pilloried for being nothing more than a puppet mouthpiece.

    When an ex-Celt in the media actually has an opinion he is branded as being some sort of ‘traitor’.

    Sure, some go to extremes like Burley, Charlie Nick & co. but would you rather they were like big DJ and the rest? We can’t have it both ways.

    Anyway, good luck to the Old Bhoys!

  • Stevie says:

    Didn’t know you read this site, Andy.

  • STEVIEC says:

    Walker says what pays and thats anything anti Celtic.

  • Frank McGaaaarvey says:

    If u don’t like it, do what I do and shun the daily rags, shite radio shows and moronic phone-ins. Simples.

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