Will an AGM really change the SFA?


Stewart Regan Celtic newsNow that Mr. Regan has been given full backing by the member clubs to make changes at the SFA, I wonder just how much things will REALLY change.

Bearing in mind that  as I write this as Celtic fan, you will understand my reticence to embrace these new sweeping changes just yet and my reluctance to go out and celebrate with a few pints just yet.

What I have read so far doesn’t really tell me much , so it would be churlish of me to criticise just for the sake of it so I won’t. However, in the not too distant future ,hopefully, we will have a clearer picture of where these changes have taken us and what they will mean to the game at large and to Celtic in particular- my cynical mate says that the new disciplinary system will have Celtic players banned from games much quicker than before.

I will, however, remind you of why I am suspicious about anything concerning the SFA , given it’s deplorable track record with regards to matters concerning Celtic and it’s obvious leanings towards the other Glasgow Club- for any Partick Thistle or Clyde supporters reading this it’s not you

From recent examples of imbalance, Neil Lennon’s punishments versus those of Mr. McCoist and Madjid Bougherra’s fine for man-handling a referee this is an organisation which has shown an open dislike of Celtic.

An organisation which made sure that the brotherhood would be in charge and openly conducted a campaign in 1952 to try and remove Celtic from membership of the SFA or, in other words, shut the club down for good. At the head of this ‘campaign’ was Secretary George Graham who demanded that the Irish tricolour be taken down at Celtic Park and never flown again.

History shows that Bob Kelly staunchly defended Celtic’s position on the matter and was instrumental in securing a ONE VOTE victory- yes that’s how close it came.

Since then we’ve had many instances of anti-Celtic decisions balanced only by pro-Ranger’s ones- too numerous to mention.

Perhaps, however, the biggest single shock-wave came in 1999 when Chief Executive Jim Farry was sacked for gross misconduct regarding his deliberate mishandling of the Jorge Cadette registration back in 1996- thanks to the tenacity of Fergus McCann who refused to accept the answers he was getting .

If nothing else, this incident proved just how Scottish football was run for the benefit of one club and to the detriment of another. My personal regret is that the Club didn’t take this further and try and expose a bigger can of worms but for whatever reason it didn’t.

Since then we’ve had people like Gordon Smith (Rangers fan) and George Peat (Rangers fan) in charge proving once again how the establishment works.

However, in the new man, we appear to have someone who is not steeped in pro- Rangers attitudes and does not seem to dislike us all that much (I’ll now put my tin hat on) and so it’s over to you Mr.Regan, here is your opportunity to show , not only the Celtic community, but the world at large , just what you’re made of.

Remember, we are not looking for favours or seeking preferential treatment, all we seek is fairness and equality and if you achieve that you will have turned history on it’s head.

Good luck to you- I will be watching.

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  • john Fallon says:

    I think that 1952 was instigated by Mr Harry Swan
    the then Chairman of Hibernian FC, also when Mr Bob Kelly got on the SFA he challange Sir George Graham on matters within the SFA that lead to his
    departure, they then went through a stable time until Mr Kelly left, thigs went back to old times

  • john Fallon says:

    With regards to harry swan hibs chairman, think that was the time he changed the hibs crest from a harp to a ball,

    ps all writing in smallcase just like there minds

  • Imatim says:

    Firstly…Keep your eye on the SPL Match Fixing Computer. That will be a good indicator if there is change for the good afoot. If the match schedules continue to be Hun friendly then the game is a bogey.

    Secondly…If the new SFA committees are filled by Huns then the game is a bogey.

    Thirdly…If the MIB continue on their merry way then the game is a bogey. I have serious doubts about the new referee chiefs Thomson and his sidekick…McLean is it?

    They are ones responsible for what happened to Neil Lennon at Tynecastle. Rewards for services rendered to Hundom? We shall see.

    Fourthly…If Mr anti-football, Sir Walter the Myth is given a position within the SFA then the game is a bogey. As this will tell us all the place is still being run by Huns for Huns.

    We will be watching developments carefully. We will not be sitting at the back of the bus.

    No More!

    • lenny4myth2 says:

      Mclean is the worst of the lot, he is a replacement for hugh bigot dallas, his appointment is the worst possible decision for Celtic FC. Thompson will tow the line as discreetly as possible, mclean will have no qualms about favouring rangers openly and relentlessly, his appointment is terrible news for us.

  • Mark Jason67 says:

    Mr Regan in my opinion will be good for us as well as for the over all running of Scottish football.

    I think he understands how its been run for many decades & its not something he will be wanting on his CV that he participated/allowed these shenanigans\Shysters to continue running the game into the ground while on his watch.

    The financial input that Celtic supporters provide & the advertisement/TV deals the Club attract is something they the Sfa need to consider, can they afford to lose that in these financial difficult times ?

    They will know that the Celtic support are very un happy & the noises being made regarding away day Bhoycotts will not have went un noticed within the Hampden corridors, that is something they know the Scottish game can’t afford to happen.

    The old refereeing ‘fraternity’ disciplinary committees have been abolished, that is a massive positive, Mr Regan knows the biggest issue he faced with is getting the Club & the Celtic support to ‘Trust’ their system, & employing muppet’s like Walter Myth at the Sfa he should know that will have a negative effect on what is trying to be achieved.

    I think the biggest problem that we going to start experiencing is the media etc trying to tie us in with the Hun ‘sectarian ‘ they in my opinion are going to try & punish us for songs such as TBOTOB, this is something we going to have to be on top of.

    If Campbell Ogilvie is serious about this change of system then he has to issue some sort of statement regarding the signing policy while he was at the Huns, he needs to ‘Denounce’ that & let Scottish football know that is a regretable issue. I suppose he has stamped his mark of impartiallity already by hammering his old employers Hearts with a £100 k fine, I just hope he remains consistent with things like this especially when dealing with the Hun. He is going to have his every word & action put under the microscope from here on in.

    I feel we have entered a new era where these old masonic b÷sta=ds days are over within the Sfa, our biggest enemy will be the media, I hope the Clubs main concern just now is getting those changes put into practice within the Sfa & then turn their attention to dealing with the biased anti Celtic media they need to set an example by taking a few scalps & imparting the intimidation factor in there, ‘Step out of line & our Lawyers\QC will be tearing you a new one.

    Hail Hail

    • lenny4myth2 says:

      Some in the SFA may feel now is the time for genuine change, their good intentions will be suffocated by an avalanche, the pro rangers-anti Celtic mob will fight harder than ever now their position is threatened, do we really believe these bigots will just wave the white flag and disappear into the distance after 100 odd years?

      I doubt it, only hope for change would be an independent inquiry into SFA bias, an acknowledgement of past bias, such as apologies to ex Celts and their families for the discrimination that saw scots such as Jinky and Jimmy Mcgrory’s being intentionally overlooked for Scotland. How can their be any trust when the SFA wont even acknowledge discrimination from 40-50 years past or however many decades ago?

      • Mark Jason67 says:

        Have you ever heard the old saying ” Close the door on a bad past, but don’t forget about it ” Well that is what is required, Trust is a two way thing, you have to allow them the opportunity to prove themselves to build that trust up.

        Throwing things in their faces that happened generations ago & demanding apologies etc isn’t going to happen. ‘Compromises ‘ ‘Forgiveness ‘

        There is a lot of Celtic supporters who going to have to let go of the persecution complex also. Some people love being the victim so they can continue to have the ‘rebel mentality ‘ The whole world is against us folks.

        The pro Rangers anti Celtic folks can try self preservation & try & keep hold of the old baton, but if the ‘Transparency & openness ‘ as requested is applied as this new system promises then I don’t see how these ‘secret society fools’ can get away with it & continue to run with the pro Rangers anti Celtic baton of old.

        Mr Regan knows what is required, he has been in dialogue with the Celtic board & Celtic supporters groups over the last year, for this to work his association need to operate their business behind a plate of Glass.

        I understand the doubts, but we all going to have to go into this with a positive attitude.

        & I believe QC Mr McBride has been asked to help them in writing up the new association rules. That’s a massive positive in my opinion

        FingersCrossed !!!

        • lenny4myth2 says:

          I hope you’re right, i don’t share your optimism though, but i really hope your right and this is going to lead to real change, 2011 and still asking for a level playing field fffs!

          Also I disagree that past bias should be forgotten and not addressed, if the SFA can clean up its act in the coming years then those apologies should come as a natural consequence.

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Thanks for the comments guys….it’s clear that we will have to carefully watch each phase of the changes to see what difference, if any, they make.
    But we should be ready to criticise or argue against anything to our detriment as we will not tolerate being second class citizens any longer….
    those days are over.

  • Joe says:

    Well written, great points and make no mistake, we have to be on our toes, we have been trying to get equality for years and no luck yet. Who wants to bet that the first player, coach or team to be made an “example” of under the new regime plays in Paradise?

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Just to clarify….

    I have no problem with our players/ coaches/ or team being disciplined by the SFA..providing….

    A) It is justified …and

    B) The same rules apply to all…..for example yellow cards issued to Celtic players for running to celebrate with their fans…whilst Rangers players escape punishment for the same thing….things like this have to STOP ..and I look to our Club to be more vocal in areas like this…if required.

  • Imatim says:

    In regards to the songs debate and where it’s going.

    We all know what’s on the agenda here.

    The term sectarian will be replaced by the term offensive when it comes to the political songs sung by our Support. That’s a given.

    When and if charges are laid to this effect all hell will break loose.

    The Celtic support will rally like never before to defend these charges and it will open up a can of worms like never seen before.

    These charges will never stand up in a European court and that’s where it will go. A fund will be established very quickly to support this action.

    Can you imagine the number of songs that could come under the banner of being termed offensive?

    The legislators, officials, and the police will have to be very, very, careful how they handle this.

    They may just end up highlighting to the rest of the world how morally crippled Scottish society really is.

    Look at the BBC. They tried it on and they are now in internal turmoil as a result and their problems are not going to go away any time soon. You can bet on that.

    Whatever happens make no mistake we will be ready to act to protect what we believe in and what is right.

    We will not be told to sit at the back of the bus.

    No More!

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