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Derek Riordan Chine newsFormer Celtic striker Derek Riordan has gone missing in China.

Riordan moved to Shaanxi Chanba during the summer but hasn’t been seen at the club for more than a week.

Shaanxi Chanba have gone through a number of managerial changes with current boss Gao Hongbo in the dark about Riordan’s whereabouts.

“The man has disappeared,” Hongo admitted after being asked about Riordan. “Not only do you not see Riordan here at training, I don’t even know where he is.

“I come to the club every day and he was here a few days ago. After that he seems to be gone forever.

“Perhaps you can ask the club’s staff if they have seen him. Maybe they will know.”

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  • Bhoy Fett says:

    Perhaps someone thought he was a wild animal and stir fried him.

  • johnd says:

    …and he appears to have been joined by 14 players, one manager and three assistants just after 3.00pm Saturday 29th October! I think we have more to think about than the disappearance of a failed signing. We still have an entire squad failing on a game to game basis.

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