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Doncaster discovers sporting integrity

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Neil Doncaster SPL newsNeil Armageddon Doncaster has finally discovered sporting integrity.

After spending much of 2012 trying to find a way, any way, to find a place for Rangers in the top flight the SPL chief seems to be reluctantly accepting the principle of financial fair play.

Since his failure to get the liquidated club into the SPL or Division One the former Norwich supremo has kept a low profile while picking up a 10% salary hike despite his shambolic leadership.

Bizarrely Doncaster criticises turning a blind eye to financial misdemeanors by clubs despite providing a Champions League spot in 2011 to a club unable to provide the authorities with audited accounts for the previous season.

Turning to fair play on the SPL blog he said: “But what does ‘financial fair play’ really mean? UEFA’s explanation, in 2010, was that the concept would require clubs to balance their books over the medium term, not spend more than they earn, and operate within their financial means.

“This is all seen as important for one key reason: because any club that is spending more on players than they can afford, is automatically gaining a sporting advantage over every other club it competes with. Whether the precise system of measurement used by UEFA is perfect is a moot point.

“But the logic behind the principle however is, I think, broadly sound. And it is this same principle that explains the position of the SPL.

To turn a blind eye, to allow clubs to continually fail to make prompt payments as they fall due, would be to allow those clubs to gain an unfair sporting advantage over all those other clubs that pay their players, the taxman and other clubs on time.

“That is one of the reasons why, whenever the SPL receives a request from players to adjudicate on their contracts, it has a duty to do so.

The fundamental basis of any football league is that all member clubs are treated equally. But, increasingly, leagues across the world are going further. In England, for example, the Football League routinely imposes a player embargo on clubs who fail to pay their players in full and on time. And, in League Two, clubs have accepted limits on the amounts that they can spend, relative to their income.

The whole issue of ‘financial fair play’ will no doubt continue to be developed across the whole of football. In the meantime, it is vital that the Scottish Premier League continue to treat all member clubs even-handedly.

It may put the SPL in the uncomfortable position of having to rule against member clubs in certain instances. Whenever we are requested by professional players to adjudicate on their contracts, for example, we should continue to do so. And, where appropriate, to rule in the players’ favour and to make orders for on-time payment by our member clubs.

The integrity of the entire League – and the long-term interests of all 12 member clubs within it – demands that we do just that.”

As the events of last summer proved- talk is cheap.

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  • Steven Lappin says:

    “because any club that is spending more on players than they can afford, is automatically gaining a sporting advantage over every other club it competes with”

    Lord Nimo Smith says otherwise

    • paranoidandroid says:

      Yeah, I noticed that bit as well, Steve. I wonder if his Lordship has read that comment. I hope so, and I hope he’s starting to realise what a sucker and dickhead he’s been.

    • martin kennea says:

      nimmo-smith is an arse.

  • mark says:

    A bit late ya useless c##t sooner you and the rest get tae the better time to get real football people in charge of football in Scotland. On another note well done sevco on your 1st trophy and well done fat ally hopefully that will keep you in the hot seat for the foreseeable your doing a great job and all at Celtic appreciate it, light years behind Celtic and its only getting further. Glasgow Celtic the only team that matters. Ally must stay HH

  • Scott Mackenzie says:

    this statement is surely a wind-up to celtic fans? how dare this clown talk about unfair advantages etc after rangers got off with cheating for 11 years. If sporting integrity was a priority for the spl they would appeal the lns decision to the court of arbitration for sport. but no – sporting integrity rules only applies to every other club in scotland.

  • Miller J says:

    The liquidated club where just that LIQUIDATED – Charles Greens club are founded from assets he bought from Rangers,They are not Rangers and can and NEVER will be Rangers,The writer of the article should know that,The liquidated club cannot be promoted because they do NOT exist anymore.Charles Greens club are not Rangers .

  • sands1888 says:


  • Busterhoop says:

    Dungcaster has the perfect snout for trough.

  • mcswackle says:

    And The Sevco…(Tainted Titles) Continue to believe they have been hard done by…They arent even embarrased biggest contributor to the downfall of Scottish Football

  • NoPretender! says:

    which part of the title “lord nimmo smith” ever suggested to to any of you that the bearer of said name was gonna rule against oldco?

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