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SFA licensing exposed by Dunfermline’s administrator

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The shameful governance of Scottish football has been exposed by the administrator called in to salvage Dunfermline.

Despite the club licencing system being exposed last season by the administration of Rangers the SFA have allowed the same scenario to occur at Dunfermline casting a shadow over the entire First Division.

Like Rangers in 2011 Dunfermline were unable to provide the SFA with audited accounts. When a company can’t provide audited accounts it is the loudest alarm possible- clearly stating that no firm of accountants is prepared to risk their reputation by declaring the business as a going concern.

Fortunately for the SFA Rangers were knocked out of the Champions League and Europa League before administration visited the club keeping the spotlight of UEFA away from the Ibrox crisis.

While other clubs cut their cloth to suit their income Gavin Masterton’s Dunfermline failed to play by the rules safe in the knowledge that there would be no repercussions from the SFA for failing to provide audited accounts- until earlier this month.

If any club is unable to provide audited accounts by 30 April surely it’s in the best interest of the game to suspend that club rather than have their participation in the league threaten to turn the whole competition into a shambles?

With no chance of a return to the SPL Masterton realised the extent of his losses forcing in the administrators with a £134,000 HMRC bill waiting.

Bryan Jackson of PKF made eight first team players redundant yesterday and despite previous experience of administration at Motherwell and Dundee was shocked by the state of the finances at East End Park.

It’s the worst situation I’ve seen,” he admitted. “I’m really sorry to say- we have to try and make the best of it.

We have made cuts to the playing staff. It is never easy but needed to be done immediately. For the ones who are staying, wages will not be paid today — there is no money right now.

I’m dependent on benefactors and I’m also dependent on money coming in from the next home game.”

Jackson added: “Whether I’ll be able to pay anything towards any arrears I can’t say, but I certainly intend to pay the on-going wages. Even with the promises of cash that are coming in, it’s going to be very, very tight to keep the club going.

I will be making the usual pleas and begging supporters to come. We have to encourage them to come because we are dependent on external support.”

If Dunfermline are liquidated all results will be scrubbed with Partick Thistle losing nine points and Morton seven.

Since Dunfermline went into administration there has been no comment from Stewart Regan or Campbell Ogilvie of the SFA.

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