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Green launches moonbeam marathon- including Celtic


Charles Green newsTwo days after watching Sevco draw 0-0 at home to Stirling Albion Charles Green has been telling Mirror readers about how his club can salvage English football.

With Ibrox half full and the club reporting losses of £1m/month Green used his favourite diversion tactic of taking his story to a gullible unquestioning English audience.

As ever Celtic were brought in to justify most of his comments as the Third Division chief continues in his bid to destroy Scottish football.

In July the Scottish football authorities bent over backwards to accommodate Sevco- re-writing the licence regulations to do so- but have been undermined at every turn by the ungrateful associate members of the SFA and SFL.

Green appears untouchable to the SFA as they attempt to reconstruct the leagues. It’s hard to imagine that the chief executive of Annan or Elgin would get away with constantly running down the SFA without punishment.

Today’s moonbeams started with the traditional mention of Celtic saying: “Whether it is next week, because the English authorities change their mind, or in five to 10 years, Rangers and Celtic will leave Scotland.

“I would like to think within five years. I say to English clubs: Don’t be afraid of the unknown. There will be cross-border leagues and that will change the face of European football. These doors are opening.”

Continuing in that theme he added: “Why would football clubs or football authorities not want Rangers and Celtic? If they say: ‘It wouldn’t add anything into the game’, they are lying.

“I watched Southampton play Wigan. The stadium wasn’t full – there were empty seats. Now there is no way on God’s earth that any team that Rangers play will have empty seats.

“That is what football wants – to bring the money in. Not just to keep banging Rupert ­Murdoch’s door and say we want some more money.

“When you say the English FA and Football League don’t want us, when you look at some of these clubs, Portsmouth have gone bust three times in four years. Two English clubs have come to me and said: ‘Buy us and close us down. Take us for free and take on the liabilities’.

Green was forced into an apology to Aston Villa in October and got a quick slap from Manchester United when he suggested that they wanted Sevco in the Premiership during an interview where he also claimed that Barcelona and Real Madrid would welcome the team from Govan into La Liga.

Unchallenged Green added: “I have spoken to a number of chief executives from Premier League clubs – and all of them would welcome Rangers. Of the people I have spoken to directly, or people on my behalf have spoken to, throughout the leagues – 20 – only two have said no.”

Revving up through the gears Green then claimed that he’d turn down an invite to the Premiership in favour of the Conference with Celtic once again included in the deluded package.

“Could you imagine the income generation Rangers and Celtic would create in the Conference?” he speculated. “Every Conference stadium would be full. And then to work through the leagues over the next three or four years would refresh English football because this staleness that is affecting Scottish football is prevalent ‘ere.”

Going off at a tangent he recalled his own playing days as the Theo Walcott of the northern non-league circuit claiming: “If I had gone full-time I would have been £60 a week worse off. I was a fantastic goal scorer. I wasn’t like Messi but there was no-one in England who could catch me. I was so quick.”

Finishing with a flourish and against a backdrop of a share price in freefall the Ibrox chief claimed: “If we look at values in England, Manchester United – the world’s biggest sporting franchise –, is valued at £3bn, Arsenal at £1.5bn.

Rangers in the Premier League would be worth a minimum of £500m and arguably why not £1bn. Where would we sell? Why would we sell?”

On Saturday Green will take Rangers to Montrose as he continues his great adventure making new friends throughout Scottish football.

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  • williebhoy says:

    How come his club isn’t ALREADY worth billions after all he claimed to have 500m fans worldwide !

    Even selling ONE game at £ 1 to 250m fans would bring in £250m x 20 home games = £5 billion from ONE season………Not even the easily deluded would fall for that crap.

    Not long now until the investors can start getting rid of their shares then price will really drop…kiss goodbye to more dosh Chico

  • paranoidandroid says:

    In that interview, he actually said:

    “I’m a plain spoken Yorkshire man. I call a spade a spade.”

    What a tosser! When it comes to Charlie, I have to agree with Oscar Wilde that anyone who calls a spade a spade should be compelled to use one.

    So start digging Charlie, and when it’s nice and deep, jump in the hole and fill it up again.

  • Davie bhoy says:

    He does anything he likes because he really doesn’t know what to do,sheer desperation from Chuckles,trying to divert attention at every turn,amazing what can happen to a mouth-piece who goes unchecked mentioning himself and Messi ha,so only 2 wks after trying to get into the 2nd teir just to help Scottish football mind he’s trying hard to get into English football mmmm,he must have split personality or something

    Spot on Joe he is discrediting Scottish football at every turn but the sfa, sfl can’t punish one of their own

    Anybody with half a brain can see through his pish,the Huns( heads are boxes filled with nothing and that’s the way they like it) copyright Ben lee

  • Monti says:

    This guy is annoyingly funny…..what a tit!

    • yogI says:

      I must be Losing a grip on reality ,I am actually agreeing with Monti.This is a red flag to my mental state.Anyway ,Green is an Irritating Wee man,but whar really bugs me is Why The Celtic Board Gives A nod to this term Old Firm.We have nothing in common with this Stain on Decency and the sooner an official statement on this is issued,the club will receive even more goodwill.To my new pal ,Monti.

  • there coming to take him away ha ha there coming to take him away,to the funny farm for sure.

  • Busterhoop says:

    Green man speak with Fork tongue.

  • Dhougal says:

    His comic genius is rubbing off on his club now ………i was pi#*in masel at them on Saturday.keep up the good work Gladys

  • mark says:

    2 clubs asked him if sevco could buy them shut them down and take there place Haha what planet does this clown live on, can’t stop laughing now the huns are walking away his arse will be making buttons ST sales down big time already losing 1m quid a month big trouble but as long as there’s a Orange strip the knuckle draggers will be happy Haha HH

  • jackmac says:

    Am now finding this not funny. I live in England and have mates and colleagues asking about this. it’s a two page spread in major paper and is assumed to be fact. Big mistake as we know. All of the usual inaccuracies in there but again, unchallenged. We are being put in the same pot as this idiot because he keeps mentioning us. PL should be appearing in same paper to say he DOESN’T speak for us. English readers assume we both together. Yet again tin-pot journalism on show. Sad!

    • mark says:

      Are you kidding about lawwell, he’ll be creaming himself at the thought of playing in England and if this clown green can get us there lawwell will sit and say nothing and let him do the work. HH

      • jackmac says:

        Worth a try though you’d think Mark. The silence is becoming deafening on all matters relating. At the start of the storm we all assumed dignified silence. Not so connced now. We should be focussing on matters CFC but when we’re dragged into it, I would expect some retort.

        • jackmac says:

          Convinced that should be

        • mark says:

          I agree mate we should be doing everything in our power to distance ourself from them and this clown but if lawwell thinks for a second getting into bed with this mob will get us to England he will do it believe me money is king to him and we the fans the guys spending a fortune to follow the team we love everywhere won’t even come into his thoughts HH

  • keith says:

    chico chico chico.
    every time this man opens his mouth he cracks a joke and he doesn’t even know he is doing it.
    ma sides are splitting.

    keep um coming Charlie boy.

    not long now.


  • Frank McGaaaaarvey says:

    “Now there is no way on God’s earth that any team that Rangers play will have empty seats”.

    What, like Sevco Park on Saturday?

    At first this utter clown was full of bluster, now he is sounding more and more desperate by the day. Dark clouds a-gathering in the distance?

  • jackmac says:

    The worry is that he Ia getting column inches down here now. in Scotland we know he’s a yahoo but down here they think owner of demoted club. Old firm still in existence. rangers most successful club etc etc etc. The media is his oxygen and there seems to be ni hand on the valve. chuckles is now romancing the media down here and it looks like they’re getting fishnets on.

  • Rodger says:

    Chuckles Green is the original snake oil salesman, always talks a load of rubbish but with enough of a sounds like a possibility in there to keep it in the news.
    As a Celtic fan I am always disgusted when he uses the good name of Celtic in his ramblings to try to give credence to his wishful thinking.
    As Celtic have stated time and time again, Celtic have their own agenda in place and it does not include any in effect 4 div Scottish teams or any liquidated/reformed clubs trying to weasel their way out of the hole they dug for themselves, Green can be thankful that the SFA rules were changed once again to let his new servco club in as a associate member.

    Remember the old song the now liquadated rangers fans used to sing- “we are rangers super rangers, no one likes us , we don’t care”
    Guess what? no one still does.

    • jackmac says:

      Very true what you say but my concern now is that when he was restricted to MSM we all knew he was a nutter. Down here in engerland he is getting a reaction as he includes our name too. The newspaper article was factually incorrect, which we’ve grown used to in Scottish media. His word seems to be taken at face value here too. Wur all doooomed I tell ya.. dooooomed!

  • maddogg1967 says:

    What chico really meant to say was,whether its next week,five years or ten.they will be in English football he meant to say sevco will be liquidated in the next week,five or ten years.HH

  • paul McCann says:

    a simple message if you are going to england hurry up and resign your associate membership and go and rot in hell

  • mark says:

    Hell will be busy the old club are already there rotting away suppose there’s room for another wee club HH

  • yogI says:

    The only Way Greens team will get into Europe or England is if there is another World War.

  • Joe says:

    I really don’t know what this clown green is talking about. Sevco played in England this season already! They played Berwick Rangers away!

  • Joe says:

    “Two clubs have already offered us their place” what an absolute embarrassment this retard is. Worse than that, he is doing something we never thought possible! He s makingeven bigger skulls out of the fans of the old club who sed to be called rangers, the club whose groundwas purchased by the newest club in Scotland, Sevco. He is makingidiots look even more dumb. Now there’s an accomplishment!

  • Davie bhoy says:

    What a crawler!

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