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Lawwell’s European dream

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Celtic 2 1 Barcelona

The timing couldn’t be bettered, the stage couldn’t be larger- the result was incredible.

Celtic’s 2-1 win over Barcelona couldn’t have been better scripted showcasing the club worldwide inflicting the first defeat of the season on the Catalans.

Worldwide there was interest on how a historical club from a footballing backwater could put one over on the most celebrated club in the business.

As a fan Peter Lawwell loved it, as a businessman it provided the club with the perfect opportunity to showcase the magic of Celtic to a whole new audience.

Away from the humdrum surroundings of the SPL Celtic found themselves on the big stage- and struck gold wih a night of magic rounded off by the wining goal scored by local teenager Tony Watt.

A big frustration for me is we don’t have a regular platform to tell the Celtic story around the world,”Lawwell explained in The Sun. “It’s a magnificent story: rich, unique and magical. This year we got the chance to tell it — and we didn’t miss the opportunity.

The boys got the results in Europe and people were intrigued about Celtic. How could this club, with this budget, from this nation, do what they did?

From our point of view, it’s been a magnificent season. The Champions League campaign was magical.

For a club from Scotland with the challenges we have, to perform the way we did and create the excitement we did throughout the world — the interest was phenomenal. Our club got fantastic exposure and profile off the back of it.”

Lawwell added: “There was huge interest in Europe and it was brilliant to win the league as we start off two in a row. That gives us a platform to go on and we are greedy.

We want to win the SPL as many times as we can to get into the Champions League and have those experiences again. There’s real energy and ambition.

This season has given us a platform to do these sorts of things and take the club forward, but it’s a challenge and we all have to do our jobs.

We all have to make sure we keep pushing and pushing to take the club forward. It’s been an extraordinary year. It was an extraordinary summer last year and nobody could have predicted what we’d deal with, on and off the park.”

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  • Monti says:

    Celtic first & Celtic last & Celtic overall!!

  • williebhoy says:

    I hope he backs up those fine words with actions, we have a chance to really create a Celtic dynasty built on solid foundations. Clearly we don’t need to expand / strengthen to do well in Scotland but we should / must look further afield, the qualifying for the CL was immense to then reach the last 16 was amazing from such a tough group (Benfica are now in the semi-finals of the Europa) But that has only set the standard that we should look to attain and improve on in coming seasons.

    I’ll watch with interest the developments in Ukraine / Russia is the are allowed to combine the best clubs into a single league format. If not this year then definitely it will happen soon and we must be ready / prepared to step forward to meet such a new challenge.
    We need to give our talented youth players more opportunities in the SPL to gain the vital experience required. We should be re-doubling our efforts at youth levels, taking full advantage of the situation oru former rivals now find themselves in to reap the best of their youth system.

    Nothing that can’t be improved upon, even better scouting, connections with other clubs / countries for giving young talent a chance. We have a golden opportunity to take our club to a new level, don’t let it slip away.

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    Well said Pedro!
    Celtic were the talk of the global planet fitba’ and sports media steamie, with our proud clubs name being mentioned in practically every game played in both European competitions.

    With one notable, if not entirely surprising, exception…………………………….the country they were born.

  • paranoidandroid says:

    We need to play in Europe- CL or EL- every season. PL must ensure that we do.

  • mark says:

    Fair play to the board ie ST discount now It’s up to us the fans to pack out the league games as we do the champions league nights and make paradise the place it should be. Great to be a Tim HH

  • Jimbo102 says:

    In my eyes Peter Lawell and the board have done a magnificent job in the running of our club to this point.
    I have never heard Peter put a negative slant towards the club. Nobody can be in any doubt that while he’s around our financial stability will NOT be put in danger.
    What I like about him also is the fact that he is a progressive, every fibre of him wants us to be playing at the highest level but at the same time showing the upmost respect for the game here in Scotland.
    So gawn yersell Peter, have a pat on the back. Hail hail

  • Tweet Afton says:

    “I have never heard Peter put a negative slant towards the club. ”

    I should think not, one should never bite the hand that feeds.

    • Sweeney Hughes says:

      You mean big Peter doesn’t give his all solely for the the love of the club!!???
      HE GETS PAID!!!?????!!!

      SACK THE BORED (sic) NOW!!!!!!

    • Jimbo102 says:

      Point taken tweet, but the context I meant was that he doesn’t promise us “moonbeams” or make derogatory comments about the team such as ” the worst team in history” comment or the fact I have never heard him threatening anybody unlike some CEO’s hail hail

      • Sweeney Hughes says:

        Point taken Jimbo.
        I’ve heard and read some old Paddy about Peter over the years, but slagging the man of for lifting a wage for being arguably one of the best CEOs in the business is nonsense!

  • Pensioner Bhoy says:

    I may have left some pretty big footprints on Peter’s behind over the last few years but I would imagine he deservedly has more finger prints on his back with my pats. He has done one great job overall to re-establish Celtic in its justifiable position in football standings and to reaffirm its well earned status through unequalled supporters and a unique club ethos. One attribute I have always held in esteem is his unquestioned commitment to the charitable work of the club worldwide. You can see it is part of the man’s understanding of the club’s roots and his dedication to its cause that drives him. No matter what, we can never take that from him and this little bit of icing has simply made a very sweet cake all at the club baked for us this season ultra attractive for the year to come. Well done Peter and the board.

    H H

  • KevinBarry says:

    Looking forward to next season already now. Brilliant gesture from the club to reduce ST prices. I’m really glad they listened to us.

  • Dhougal says:

    Brilliant club has recognised who keeps it goin and rewarded them !. On another note i’ve heard a wee rumour that a wee 3rd div. club want The Rangers'(soon to be in admin.) licence revoked and them kicked out o Scottish league altogether until they’ve cleansed themselves ……….anyone confirm ? …..i dont want to mention name o the team for i fear they will be BOYCOTTED !!!!

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