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Lennon kills off paranoid myth

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Dougie McDonald Celtic newsNeil Lennon has responded to those that have accused Celtic of paranoia by stating that the club has been proved right.

From Jim Farry’s delay in registering Jorge Cadete’s registration to the lies of Dougie Dougie McDonald there is a lengthy list of instances in which footballing justice has been less than evenly applied.

The honest mistakes of referees has seen a number of casualties with McDonald, Hugh Dallas, Steven Craven, Steve Conroy and Mike McCurry depart for various reasons.

Rather than look at incidents on a rational basis it has been comforting to label Celtic as paranoid regardless of the evidence and double standards.

Kenny Shiels labelled Celtic as Paranoid FC with Lennon answering the Kilmarnock boss in his after match comments at Motherwell today.

“I do take exception to the paranoia,” the Celtic boss stated. “That’s been thrown at our club for the last 15 to 20 years but I think the last three or four years have proved that we weren’t paranoid, we were just right.”

Claims of Celtic paranoia have been less frequent over the last 12 months as the Scottish football authorities abandoned the rule books in their attempt to deal with the liquidation of Rangers.

Without any precedent SPL clubs were given the chance to parachute in a newco that hadn’t produced audited accounts.

When that plan failed SFL clubs were given the opportunity to vote on providing the newco with a First Division place before a spot in the Third Division was granted.

A secretive five way agreement was struck involving the SFA, SPL and SFL with recent events suggesting that the banned Craig Whyte may be involved with the newco with a claim over Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park.

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  • mark says:

    Well done lenny don’t ever let anything go keep defending the club the way you do and front up to clowns like sheils who needs a swift boot in the balls its not Celtics or lennons fault his sons shite at football and killie are rotten like sevco 5088, sheils is a nobody from a nothing club in a knuckledragging hole that is ayrshire. HH

  • thomas cochrane says:

    Corruption to the 3rd degree///

  • sands1888 says:

    Good ol lennon, tells it how it is, all true aswell, dirty cheating scum, they arent even trying to hide it anymore

  • maddogg1967 says:

    Well said Neil, after what you have came through from death threats, bombs in post etc, that bawbag shiels will be putty to you, keep fighting your corner for the bhoys as the press, some managers, fans of most teams hate it when you speak your mind. congrats on winning the SPL with dignity. HH


    Well done lenny, the first manager since big jock that tells it how it is, theres no shame in defending what you hold dear, especially when its being unjustly slammed, the sevco lapdogs are being exposed, chairman by chairman, manager by manager. Its to deep entrenched in all Huns that sooner or later there true blue colours shine through, Scotlands shame runs deeper than just the sevco clusterfuck..hail hail, 125 YEARS OF UNBROKEN HISTORY+

    • mark says:

      They just can’t hide it for long, you can tell a mile away sheils is a zombie he looks like one HH

  • Neilly McCormick says:

    Well said Lenny bhoy,i remember vividly the Farry affair ,blatant anti Celtic based corruption in action . Similar anti Celtic actions by the scottish footballing authorities are too numerous to mention ,paranioa my arse ,m’on the Hoops ,fuck the SFA ,YNWA Neil Lennon . HH

  • Thomas says:

    Well done Neil Lennon!
    Shiels is a fkn big mouthed fkn fanni.
    And I hope he loves living in what is the fagend of the planet.

  • Jim Wood says:

    Thanks Neil Lennon,
    We are all Neil Lennon and Neil Lennon is all Celtic. Surprised anyone that Kilmarnock manager from NI, in a week when The stRangers FC lose both of their recent saviors. In a month when we find out that Sleekit Sally and the crumpled cardigan both knew about CW from BB before they took their respective roles, and yet still took their posts anyway. Or that the trouble at the stRangers FC spreads to the stock exchange, in that period of time KS decides that the biggest thing he can find to comment on is NL’s comment about the SPFA player of the year nominees.
    Boy Mr. Shiels and his troop in Ayr must be hurting. No really hurting, brilliant! Don’t worry Kenny we feel your pain. Never mind it will all be over soon.

  • Thomas Haverstock says:

    Celtic paranio please don’t tell me this not in Scotland ?????? Never

  • Pyewacket1888 says:

    Kenny who ??. Still it’s got his wee pub team some much needed publicity. We are all Neil Lennon.

  • paul says:

    Well said lenny. Im quessing shiels has shares in newco fc …. Just a thought, what exactly do his club bring to the spl? Or any other clubs coffers? The bring zilch , not a thing , not a voice , not a dingbat , not a half shilling not one iota. This same fella more than likely grew up in ireland , marchin with sash , hate anything catholic including dog , sang about dancing ùp to his knees in fenian blood at ipox, has a no surrender tattoo etc etc .. Seen them benefit from corruption for decades , then see it not working no more over bampots etc. Watches a death infront of the world and his hearts wrenches , even that its gonna happen again … Without the corruption we would be further ahead.

  • twirlybhoggs says:

    sheilds is nothing more than a jealous zombie and he knows it, P S C’MON THE HOOPS AND G. B. N. L.

  • Gerry says:

    Was this said after Motherwell game? If it was I can’t help think Lennon is trying to divert some fans and appease others by playing to the gallery.

    There have been many more appropriate times to nail the paranoid myth.

    Yesterday’s performance was the latest in a series of shocking displays where we have been outfought & outplayed by vastly under resourced teams.

    33 points have been dropped this season to date. I find that unacceptable.

    I wish Neil Lennon would concentrate more on coaching & spend less time getting involved in childish side issues.

  • williebhoy says:

    Well said Gerry…..we should simply ignore all this press garbage or the POTY nonsense.

    Do our talking where it truly matters on the park. To have lost so many games to inferior sides due to being simply outworked / outfought on a regular basis is a disgrace.

    The effort put in by 19 year old Tony Watt if matched by HALF of the side would have ensured an easy win on Sunday….instead we ignore and look for excuses.

    The lack of determination was pitiful and it’s to be hoped we see a lot more of the younger element in future games to reward those who pay to support their club, not watch over paid prima donna’s going through the motions.

  • paul says:

    The leagues over , rest the palayers as muh as poss r you forgetting cl qualis start after just a few weeks break. No celtic team hardly ever won comin bk from europe to spl n thats teams with more quality than we have now. What was the objective start of season? Win league n cups n dont get embarrassed in cl. I think weve passed in all but 1 of those , so its been a successful season. Pity the fans hardly turned out all season , massive diff from lst season to this season although achieved far for this season….. what diff apart frm scum dying? …. how many point have madrid dropped and the gulf there is by far bigger….. how many have liverpool , arsenal , chelsea and city lost , the gulf there is as big to , all teams will drop points to inferior teams , if they didnt football wouldnt be that interestin to too many ppl

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