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McCoist’s season ticket u-turn

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Ally McCoist newsAlly McCoist has backed out of asking Sevco fans to re-new season-tickets.

An internal investigation is underway at Ibrox into links between former chief executive Charles Green and Craig Whyte after the former Motherwell billionaire claimed that Green was his front man.

In August last year, shortly after buying shares at 1p, McCoist gave Green his backing with fans following their managers example by snapping up a fourth tier world record of 38,000 season tickets.

Green’s sudden resignation has thrown plans for next season into chaos with McCoist unable to reassure fans over what’s going to happen next.

“I can understand the fans will be a bit perplexed about just what is going on in terms of the last 11 months,” the Ibrox boss admitted. “It does not make good reading, does it? It is not good at all.

“Might people not buy season tickets until they know what’s been going on? I think they would be well within their rights to do that.

“They will need as much information as they can possibly get before making their mind up.

“The fans deserve to know and I’d be very hopeful that, after however long it may be, there will be a plan set for them. They would then know what’s happened and what we are trying to do in terms of bringing players in.

“They could then make up their own minds and we hope that would be to continue their incredible support for Rangers.”

McCoist’s latest statement is in stark contrast to the endorsement he gave Green despite suspicions that his consortium was linked to Whyte.

After revealing that he had personally bought four season tickets the Ibrox boss said: “I’ve watched Charles in recent weeks. He’s nailed his colours to the mast in terms of work ethic.

“He’s done his best for Rangers, fought for the club and represented us to the best of his ability.

“I have been impressed by his willingness to fight our corner. He has been a good ally to have. Rangers has far more stability than we’ve had in recent months.

“The new owners were the only party that came and put their money where their mouths were.

“They stood tall and bought Rangers, so they deserve great support from us and the fans.

“It’s time for everyone with the best interests of Rangers at heart to unite and get behind the club.”

As recently as December, following an apparently successful share issue, McCoist was still singing the praises of his then chief executive.

“Charles is very forthright and highly opinionated,” the former Question of Sport skipper added. “I’d rather have him that way because then you know where you stand.

“There are very few things Charles doesn’t have an opinion about and I don’t have any problem with that.

“I don’t always agree with everything he says but I’d far rather look someone in the eye and know what they’re thinking than not know.

“Charles is doing what he said he would for Rangers, which isn’t something we’ve been used to lately at this club. So it’s a positive sign for all the staff when they see a man fighting the club’s cause.”

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  • williebhoy says:

    A pity Sally wasted so much time looking into the eyes of the owner instead of listening to the utter crap he was speaking – empty vessels and all that. Didn’t take a genius to work out he was all mouth & no substance 500m fans worldwide, Sevco worth mega bucks, Man Utd wanting them in the EPL….not even Sally could have believed that nonsense surely.

    Losing £ 1m a month…..nothing surer than another administration & liquidation coming along…season ticket for what …even the easily deluded are not THAT stupid.

  • paranoidandroid says:

    That Ally McCoist’s a great judge of character.

  • Joe Murray says:

    He’s no a bad judge of player either. Guffaw guffaw guffaw.
    I’ll get ma coat.

  • Zombie nation says:

    Fat sleekit turd !


    so that wee fat pie eater has been duped as well, is there anybody in govan or that supports zombies that can actually ask a direct question concerning Whats actually happening tae the newco corpse of a club. I just love that auld ground hog day feeling when it involves the sons of William/satan.. hail hail, 125 YEARS OF UNBROKEN LAUGHTER AT MONKEYS..

  • Pasty says:

    There can’t be much of the floatation cash left after losing £1million a month from last April as confirmed by Charlie Green Loyal Hun. So with £22Million raised and then £12million lost so far and another £8million of a loss that will be run up by December then fat Sally will not have any money for players. Not a bit of wonder Charles Green has taken his chance to cash in on the shares he got for 1p each.

    A lot of Huns have at the third owner now started to question who actually owns the Assets and if the new club is going to have to pay Craig Whyte to get them back if the courts find that he does have a good claim to them after Charles Green admitted that Whyte was the main shareholder of Sevco 5088 and therefore had to approve of the disposal or sell on of the Assets to The New Rangers FC.

    So all the New Season Ticket Money from the Huns is going to ……….. yes you guessed it Craig Whyte. The Guy’s a Legend!!!!!!

  • buffythecat says:

    Can you imagine. . .I mean really imagine what the m.s.m would be saying if this utter shambles of a toxic cheating club had been Celtic instead of Sevco f.c!

    They would be having a field day and Lennon’s life would be mud. The hounds of hell that like to call themselves ”journalists” would be camped outside of Celtic park with binoculars and listening devices. They would be in the sewer pipes (where in fact they actually belong anyway) and coming up the toilets for any snippet of information that they could exaggerate and distort in order to destroy Celtic saying that it was all in the interests of poor Scottish football that these cheating Celtic never again will be allowed to forget and get away with such blatant cheating. Yet because it is Sevco what we are witnessing is the mother of all cover-ups and the poisonous attempt to re-write history for the sake of thee most blatant cheating, toxic, cheating, bigoted cheating club that has ever slithered its way through the Scottish game.

    Lest we forget!

    • TimTim67 says:

      Agreed mate. If it was Celtic we would never have been allowed to keep our titles. I hope Green and Whyte finish them off……….. For good

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    QotS just scooshed the 2nd Div by 25pts on a football budget of 300 grand.

    Says it all really.

  • mark says:

    Ally must stay lol HH

  • OZ CELT aka Davie bhoy says:

    McMoist trying hard to justify his backing for Green while reinforcing the siege mentality ( everybody’s against us – whit a joke ) going by using words like fought,fight,allie etc,this sort of talk really connects with the lunatic fringe within the huns support and stirs up more hate in them ( if thats possible ) McMoist knows exactly what he is doing here and makes his actions worse, he is a dangerous wee bigot,loads of people have already been threatened on the back of these type of rallying calls to the orcs,at the very least these comments are totally irresponsible given what we’ve seen already bombs,threats etc

    Don’t know if the orcs will follow follow his lead this time ( once bitten……..) but they are so blinded by their hate it wouldn’t surprise me

  • Jhimmy T jnr. says:

    hey they were well warned – but naw, it was “we love oor uncle Chuck” …”uncle Chuck’s the man” wearing the auld orange hun rag, givin it “no surrender” to the zombie loyalists….well, what can I say – I’ll start wi GIRFUY’s D*B’s…


  • Mick Quigley says:

    Rangers are finished that is a total fact am willing to put 200 quid down they won’t won a trophy in top flight for 5 years

  • keith says:

    Here we go again, the good old msm peddling the rangers propaganda that stockbridge and the dubious king that they have proof that RIFC own the assets of sevco ie ibrox,murray park etc.

    That’s a absolute smokescreen,its the illegal sale of these assets from sevco 5088 to sevco Scotland that is the basis for this legal argument here,and trust me the transfer of the above without company consent is FRAUD!.

    This will rumble on and these things do take time,but another one jumped overboard the good ship sevco yesterday and I fear it is taking in to much water to salvage!.

    So sit back light a cigar and watch the end game.lol.


  • Kenny says:

    Great stuff at Ibrox! Is Sally posturing in the on-going board room power struggle as he and Watty look to gain control without putting their own money in? What a position they are in to stage a coup. Green and his right hand man gone, Sally and Watty playing the msm like obedient puppets and refusing to back season ticket sales knowing that the orcs hang on his every word, happy to be led blindly by the snout!
    Watch for Ally giving the command at a later stage to snap up season tickets, to ‘follow follow’, not to ‘walk away’, get them back to their ‘rightful position’ and any other cliche you care to add.
    It’s like going to the Christmas panto and we’re not even in May yet! How many Christmases will they give us this year?

  • MJJT says:

    Who’s name is on the deeds!

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