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SFA delay Ibrox Whyte decision

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Craig Whyte RangersThe SFA have backed off from punishing Rangers International over their links to Craig Whyte.

Two weeks after asking the club for information about Whyte’s media comments the SFA have gone back to the club asking for more information.

After spending weeks cobbling together the five way agreement to grant Charles Green’s side associate membership a quick comparison between documents held at Companies House and those submitted by Green.

If there are any discrepancies then the simple solution is to suspend the licence and get those apparently in charge at Ibrox to prove that there are no links to Whyte and that the newco owns Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park.

Three weeks after Whyte made his claims the SFA appear to be no closer to resolving the matter with crucial promotion issues about to begin.

If Rangers International are linked to Whyte through Sevco there ought to be no way that RI can be promoted to the Second Division ahead of clubs that have played by the rules with no skeletons in the cupboard.

Suspending RI after the end of season play-off’s will recreate last season’s scenario where the club relegated from the Second Division are pitched against a Third Division club for the Second Division place taken by RI.

Yesterday RI informed the Stock Market that Sevco 5088 was an inactive subsidiary with Green listed as a director of Sevco 5088. Mr Whyte has reported Mr Green to the Serious Fraud Squad over the unauthorised transfer of assets from Sevco 5088 to Sevco Scotland.

Rather than dictate the pace of the enquiry it appears that the SFA are hoping against hope that the matter resolves itself- setting the lower divisions in for another summer of uncertainty.

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  • stevie bhoy says:


  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    I SERIOUSLY worry about the way the game is now openly being seen to run in Scotland.

    We’ve been accused of paranoia for suggesting that,for more years than I care to remember, the Govan Club were “protected”…”gained unfair advantages” and any other piece of chicanery you care to come up with.

    But the difference was….we never had proof and so we were always always laughed at …and things were able to be “kept secret” ( Findlay anyone…?)….

    What is worrying now,however, is that proof and facts are coming out daily and still this inept bunch of amateurs who profess to run our game…do NOTHING.

    No OTHER CLUB…and I mean….NO OTHER CLUB….would be protected or mollycoddled in this way….especially US….

    It’s rapidly heading to the stage where all fans of football ( excluding you know who obviously) need to let the SFA/SPL/SFL officials know what is unacceptable.

    If The Govan Club are accommodated again….

    Then the baw’s oan the slates.

  • mick says:

    if what bumer brown said last night is true ally and walter laughing at him when he said must be laughing at the fans aswell cos what he said before is coming true,now the sports authority or lack of authority in this case should be investagated as no other club would be that protected. so to change our minds remove the membership till everything is sorted and above board show you have balls

  • mark says:

    Forget about sevco Newco or what ever they are losing that licence it is never going to happen not in this millennium anyway, remember the “armagedon” shite doncaster and regan came out with the last time the huns went bust they c##ts will never step in and do what’s right and kick them out. There rotten to there core even sally thinks it and he’s init so that tells you a story and the SFA are just as bad. Just be glad we are Celtic couldn’t imaging being in there shoes Fuck that lol HH

  • Willie Collum says:

    Speaking on behalf of my beloved Rangers, speaking on behalf of Craig and Chucky, not forgetting the wee fat bastid McMoist, Sevco, Newco, Rankers, or whatever the feck we are calling ourselves this week, we are royally up shite creek without a paddy… I mean a paddle.


    We are now at the stage where its proven that the sfa are a corrupt organization collaborating with corrupt business men for no other reasons but money and secret handshake favors.

    If the rest of the sfl teams allow this debacle to go on then there all complicit in the biggest sectarian scandal ever to engulf football, inside and outside of Scotland.

    The sfa warrant a independent investigation by UEFA and Scotland yard not Scotlands own plods.Being ashamed to be Scottish grows more and more, i pray i never see an independent Scotland.. thank god theres still a CELTIC, hail hail, OURSELVES ALONE.

  • weetim67 says:

    So even while serving punishment for corruption, they act with……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..corruption!

  • fallsroadcelt says:

    Corruption to the core. Fcuk the sfa

  • paul McCann says:

    green sells shares to the easdales who are known as the portglasgow gangsters they do not need cleansed they just need to be put out of there misery as soon as possible

  • jackmac says:

    Quelle fucking surprise

  • joratim says:

    Agree with comments above.

    We all know how corrupt Scottish football is. The authorities are in place for only one purpose, i.e. to propogate the requirements of the now defunct club.

    I do not have a problem with this, been going to Celtic park now for over 71 years. Do not expect anything else, have become used to the rotten behaviour of those who control the sport in this small minded wee country.

    Where I do have a problem is that others have not acted.

    We had a situation where a company in liquidation were allowed to receive an associate membership of the SFL, to the detriment of other clubs e.g. Spartans.

    We now have their admission that he who has ran away was involved with Whyte who was proven to be not a fit person.

    It then follows, that this admission makes him an unfit person to have any involvement in the game.

    He told lies in order to gain an associate membership.

    What is the only just punishment for this?

    Only one in respect of football: All points won during this season must be deducted, placing them at the bottom of the 4th. tier

    The Scottish authorities, being who they are would never consider this.

    But what about EUFA? They are regarded as the Guardians of sportsmansip and fair play.

    Is it not about time that all Celtic sites come together and organise a petition to EUFA demanding that they step in and ensure that all associations under their authority go by the rules?

    If not, Scotland should be excluded from their competions.

    This would go down well with the other clubs who have won European places for next season.

    Like ourselves, their fans would join a campaign to get this corruption sorted out sooner rather than later.


  • Papua New Guinea CSC says:

    Sounds all good in theory,however will change,like you and others,it’s just the way it is.

    luckily i moved out the small minded wee country to get away from it. It will take another 1000 years before the bigots change,unless talk on the net and UEFA come together.

    Alas,More chance of the wicked witch of the west coming to life again.

    The league is won,that’s all that counts.

    Hail Hail,


  • Rodger says:

    Excellent comments Joratim, whole heartedly agree.

  • tony says:

    excellents comments I wholeheartedly agree but nothing will happen unfortunately and the corrupt status quo will continue

  • seaney67 says:

    kenny i’d. do anything to get on tv. sheils he should try licking a fat ladys armpit.
    or making his team competative

  • eastside says:

    The SFA are Dr Frankenstein and Sevco are the reanimated monster made from stolen body parts.

  • Thomas Haverstock says:

    I have lived in Winnipeg Cananda for 30 years I have seen no-change in The wee country The police and the SNP are there to keep us in our place Hail Hail Bhoys

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