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Will the SFA act before the stock market?

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Stewart Regan newsThe tarnished image of the SFA is under even greater threat as the Sevco fiasco threatens to involve the stock market.

Yesterday’s move by Rangers International to claim Sevco 5088 as a subsidiary company added substance to the claims of Craig Whyte that he was a partner in Charles Green’s deal to create a newco in the summer.

While the SFA were largely powerless to prevent Whyte from paying Dave Murray £1 for his shareholding it was the national association that granted an eleventh hour licence to Green and associate membership of the SFA.

The complex five day deal involving the football bodies, oldco and newco has never been revealed but would surely have ensured that Whyte wasn’t involved and clarified the ownership of assets such as Murray Park and Ibrox.

Since challenging Green on his links with Whyte there has been no further public comment from the SFA despite further damaging revelations, the launch of an enquiry from within Ibrox and Green’s resignation as chief executive.

Yesterday’s Stock Market announcement is believed to have raised concerns with the regulators of the Alternative Investment Market who approved the December share issue.

If Rangers International failed to fully disclose details of company links, including directorships of key personnel the AIM may be forced into disciplinary action which could include the suspension of share trading.

Last summer the SFA and SPL failed to cover themselves in glory as they attempted to engineer a way back into the game for Green’s club following the appointment of liquidators to Rangers.

The conflict between the commercial interests of the game and it’s governance were clear to see as supporters groups urged their directors to ensure that no favours were granted.

With another crisis gathering from Ibrox it’s time for Stewart Regan and Campbell Ogilvie to show some leadership rather than allow the stock market to set the agenda throwing Scottish football into another summer of turmoil with clubs unsure of what division they’ll be playing in come August.

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  • Monti says:

    It should happen, but it won’t happen.

    • Andybhoy says:


      I think we all know the answer to that one is an unequivocal NO. It’s the fecking SFA, the only time they leave their crypt with any sense of urgency is to reprimand Neil Lennon then they scurry off back into the darkness again just as quick.

  • Zombie nation says:

    us internet ‘bampots’ can make it happen, complain to the corrupt sfa!

  • mick says:

    cw said before the floatation of shares that it was illegal nobody believed him ,whole place needs cleaned out top to bottom board and management afterall they did endorse green ,ally endoresd white must be in it for the money SFA SHOULD TAKE ACTION NOW THE LINK HAS BEEN THIER ALL ALONG ,the true footie fans to loose thier money again only in scotland this is taken then white washed and the same people stay. the old gaurd
    has done no good either the time has come for the fans to manup

  • paranoidandroid says:

    The SFA (the Sevco Football Association) will never do the right thing. But maybe BDO, HMRC, and now the Stock Markets will.

    The sevconians know they can ignore the football rules with impunity; however, they may have made a big mistake trying the same thing with the financial rules.

  • williebhoy says:

    As the dispute over ownership of the assets could go to court and take some years to resolve (Unless Sevco stump up which seems unlikely) the SFA will have to do some quick shuffling to ensure that Sevco DO have a registered park to complete fixtures.

    I’d think the lack of true governship in regards to fit & proper personnel should weigh heavily on those concerned, they simply took Green at his word which was ridiculous after the Crook Whyte fiasco. By installing Sevco without 3 years previous accounts, they now have a club losing £1m per month and heading inevitably towards administration & liquidation due to their own haste to admit Sevco.

    Heads MUST roll for lack of adherence to procedures, licence SHOULD be revoked and the whole circus starts again, Unless the SFA again get extremely creative with their rules…which will doubtless lead to more mayhem.

  • Dhougal says:

    Another year of laughs and windin up your blue nose aquaintances ………..what more could a Bhoy or Ghirl ask for ?……. Yaaaaaaassss !!!!! .Have fun Celtic family

  • OZ CELT aka Davie bhoy says:

    Sfa are eerily quiet on this,it’s tumbleweed central down hampden way which tells me it’s squeaky bum time for Reagan,Olgivie and co

    These crooks are up to their necks in it,hopefully the truth comes out and we can disband the sfa or at least get a major overhaul,I don’t think the sfa have ever been this vulnerable and if FIFA or UEFA ( i know there not exactly bastions of integrety themselves but we have no one else ) got involved we might see some change,stranger things have happened

  • mark says:

    The only reason they got a licence to play was because green assured them whyte had nothing to do with the huns, without checking if it was true they got it now it seems whyte is involved they should have the licence taken off them until its all sorted out which could take a few years let’s see if the SFA has the balls to do it ………… no chance HH

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Have to agree with the feelings of others on here…
    SFA…not fit for purpose….
    Govan Club apologists….
    No cojones….
    They’ll do feck all….
    Or they might ask Nimmo Smith to investigate…AGAIN…
    That should sort it…
    Only in Scotland.

  • Neil says:

    Scotland, the most corrupt, bigoted, little hanshaking country in the world.

  • Miller J says:

    First of all, I used to love beating Rangers and I was looking foeward to inflicting pain on our future rivals Rangers International aka Sevco, Regan has a fecking hard job here,The right thing to do is kick RI/Sevco out of football and force Whyte to sell his stadium to a proper consortium, will he do that ?

    No,because theres a vested interest from those within the corridors of Hampden to have a successful football team playing at Ibrox asap, Regan I suspect wants it because he genuinely believes it for the best, where as Campbell Ogilvie’s agenda is more to do with being a follower of the liquidated Rangers and a deep desire to restore ‘A Rangers’ at Ibrox and pretend what happened didnt exist.

    The argument then I suppose is Right & Wrong V whats percieved as being for the best. The SFA are deliberately giving RI/Sevco as much time as necessary because its the only thing they can do without having to take decisive action, something they loathe to do.

  • Jimbo102 says:

    I am in total agreement, the SFA needs dismantled root and branch.
    They are failing at ALL levels of our game. Their silence Is deafening. If sevco’s drip drip behaviour has not brought our game into disrepute then there really is no point in wasting our breaths.
    Hail hail

  • ArizonaBhoy says:

    Can the SFA -SPL be taken apart and be put back together with unbiased people .. For years it seems they have had the backs of – that team I shall not name- is it hard for them to see that doing nothing will be there down fall …. I know I’m out of touch being here in the states but come on get it together ….
    HAIL HAIL !!!!!!

  • tlt says:

    Perhaps we need to get higher football authorities involved here. Surely to feck UEFA and FIFA can no longer sit back a watch a member association make a complete and utter balls of it, especially one that weilds substantial power through its seat on the international football board

  • jackmac says:

    Had a great chat witha Buenos mate of mine. He was always of the ‘demoted,poor us etc’ way of thinking. He said that recent events, especially agent whyte reappearing have made him look again. I know he’s a minority but he was always hardline bluenose etc. If he is now questioning things perhaps the tide is turning. Here’s hoping!!

  • jackmac says:

    That of course should say bluenose mate of mine… feckin autocorrect

  • Rodger says:

    Incredible that this is happening under the (blue?) noses of the SFA and they remain silent.
    If this was any other club, action would have been taken long ago, it all stinks to high heaven.

    All the other member clubs should now voice their opinions on this fiasco, and Celtic (Peter Lawell) should lead the way, its time to stop being politically correct anymore just because its the manky mob, time to get the truth out in the open, and speak out, the truth is all that matters anymore, or else we can just carry on as we have for the last century or so, with the cheating and corrupt practices as before.

    Time for CELTIC to lead the way,silence is not a option anymore.

  • jackmac says:

    As fans we stood together and told our clubs we didn’t want them shoehorned into SPL. Time to stand again and demand clubs act to rid the game of this spineless group running our beautiful game

  • Oz Celt says:

    From day one of this fiasco I have been of the opinion that the SFA/establishment,whoever, would do everything in their power to make sure Rangers did not cease to exist.
    Subsequent events have not changed my view.
    The reason the SFA are doing nothing at present is because to do the right thing would be to cancel the associate licence which, effectively means they would cease to exist.
    I would say they are franticly trying to find an escape route for them again.
    And why have we heard NOTHING from BDO ?.
    I smell a rat there as well.
    We all know what should happen, but, Don’t hold your breath !

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