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Ibrox in-fighting intensifies as Easdale brothers make their move

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Malcolm Murray newsThe in-fighting at Ibrox is set to intensify with the Easdale brothers, James and Sandy, looking for a seat on the board .

Their Greenock based travel firm are reported to be interested in buying out Charles Green’s stake and are believed to own around 8% of the holding company that runs the Ibrox based club.

Earlier this week it was reported that chairman Malcolm Murray had lost a vote of confidence as the boardroom factions go to war.

Making the waters even murkier former convict Sandy Easton decided to voice his feelings with BBC Scotland who were banned from Ibrox last week despite having a contract with the SFL allowing them live radio commentary.

“Somebody needs complete control at Ibrox,” Sandy Easdale told the BBC, confirming that Murray had twice been asked to step down by his fellow directors.

“We are quite willing to share Ibrox with people who want to do the job, do it properly and support Rangers as a club.

“[The turmoil] is very concerning for any Rangers fan. If we get enough support from the fans and other shareholders, together we could maybe turn it round.

“There are many at Ibrox who are sensible and know the way forward but they are struggling to get there because of different factions in the boardroom or outside the boardroom working against them.

“We need a togetherness and Rangers can move on. They have a togetherness with Ally McCoist, a great Rangers icon who has held it together under extreme circumstances, and Ally well deserves a chance to move Rangers on.”

Discussing their own stake in the holding company brother James Easdale added: “When you spend that amount of money on any business you wouldn’t go without a voice. A presence on the board is something we would be seeking in the mid-term.”

CLICK HERE for BBC interview.

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  • Joe says:

    These people sure have a lot going on for a club not yet one year ld!!!

  • Miller J says:

    Fit & proper person test anyone ??????

  • Jhimmy T jnr. says:

    the words “barge pole” spring to mind! hehe HH

  • Thomas Haverstock says:

    Where do these people come from One has been in jail ?? They well fit in at The Big House With the rest of the crocke

  • Thomas says:

    Campbell Ogilvie & Sandy Bryson, watch these Huns save Sevco again, the pair should be in a Fifa jail!!

  • eastside says:

    So if Tribute Act FC manage to survive another season, the hordes can look forward to being taken for the mugs they are by either, crooks, spivs, con men, liars, tax dodgers and gangsters. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of fans!

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    Is there one single solitary person involved with this vile club with a shred of dignity or integrity?

    Their investors, CEOs, management, coaching staff, players and obviously, their murderous support, I wish one of the presstitute loyalist tarts would state one, just ONE, redeaming quality about this shower of thieves, liars, cheats and thugs that makes them worth saving in any form whatsoever.

    Any reasonable society would be champing at the bit to be shot of such a consistently, at every level imaginable, shameful embarrassment.

    • Jack Meldrum says:

      Jeepers, I couldn’t have said it better if I had swallowed a dictionary – wow!

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