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Lennon acknowledges Celtic’s unique, unbroken history

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Neil Lennon trophyNeil Lennon has restated his commitment to Celtic- acknowledging his role in the club’s unique unbroken history.

With a vacancy about to come up at Everton the Irishman is an obvious candidate for the job of replacing Davie Moyes.

Lennon’s stock as a manager has grown significantly this season with Celtic’s Champions League displays bringing him and his players to the attention of Premiership clubs.

“Everton are a big club with a great history, but so are Celtic,” Lennon said. “This club has given me everything, it’s given me my chance in management, it’s given me some of the greatest days of my life and I’ve got a great young team here, which we all want to progress.

 “You might never replicate what you get here. It’s an unbelievable club, unbelievable support, I’ve been privileged to be part of for 13 years and I hope that continues for a few years yet.

“I’ve got a great belief in myself. So, if any opportunity came along further down the line, it wouldn’t faze me but there’s not many jobs bigger than Celtic and there’s not many jobs under the scrutiny, analysis and opinion of a job like Celtic.”

Looking at the significance of the title win he added: “It’s another memorable day in the history of the club. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of unique history, unbroken history, is something very special.

“As a club, we’re united, from the board down to the playing staff, to the academy, and hopefully you can see the club’s going in the right direction and hopefully there’ll be many more days like this to come.”

Joe Ledley, Charlie Mulgrew, James Forrest and an own goal from Frazer Wright gave Celtic a 4-0 win although Anthony Stokes has claimed on twitter that he got a touch on Mulgrew’s ‘goal’.

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  • Joe says:

    I watched the game today from my home in Vancouver, Canada. I was closer to the fourth goal than Stokes was!

  • Vincent Doherty says:

    “A unique unbroken history!” Neil Lennon on the Champions!

  • paulybhoy says:

    Im getting a season ticket for next season

  • Declan Forde says:

    Best I’ve seen Celtic play for some time.A good omen for the Cup Final.

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    How great is it to be a Tim?

    Agree with you Joe, I’m a bit cheesed of with Stokes’ carry-on here.

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    Sorry Joe, I mis-read you, I was talking about the second!

    If he is desperate enough to claim the og, fair play to him, but to try and lay claim to such a wonder goal as Charlies is bang out of order, imo.

  • paulybhoy says:

    Just banter

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    You’re probs right Pauly, but I generally find with these type of ‘jokes’ that the joker is only half-kiddin, if you know what I mean.


  • Margaret allan says:

    They are the best in the world even though I had to go to hospital after a tackle with Rognes and the football hit my hand head on they thought it had broken my wrist wish it had been samaras as he is just my treasure even though I’m nearly seventy come on the hoops love them

  • john says:

    come on lads ,we are the champs enjoy the moment ,the other great thing is the kids are doing great they are all trying hard to get into the first team,things are looking good.hail!hail

  • O'Cahan says:

    Lighten up lads, It’s a bit for banter between the players, it’s the press once again trying to put a spin on something that’s not really important. Time now to build on from a position of strength , a big burly f… off take no prisoners centre half and a centre forward from the same mould and a mid field play maker. O and throw in a left back. Now that would make my summer hail hail keep the faith

  • twirlybhoggs says:

    g i r f u y ya M. H. B.s

  • Sweeney Hughes says:

    A fantastic performance from the team yesterday, including Stokes, befitting of the Champions.

    As well as I’ve seen them play this season.

    Passes reaching players! Wit next, lol.

    Seriously though, a confident, coherent, passing game and it was great to see the bould Broonie back, I thought he was awsome, especialy coming back from the enjury he had.

    I know he has his knockers, but, imo, he showed yesterday just how sorely he’s been missed.
    Special mention for youg Jamsie, out standing.

    This lads a very special talent and he showed, in a game were the hielan tottie howkers showed they couldn’t take a humping without turning to sheer thuggery, that he can rough and tumble with the worst type of player.

    There could have been at least two reds yesterday for st ohnstone, who’s disipline was quite frankly deplorable, while of course the ref was seemingly preoccupied making sure he leveled the score by booking Celts for…..well…playing football.

    Just because we got the result, it doesn’t mean these performances shouldn’t be highlighted. The thugs from Perth decided it was open day on our Bhoys and Muir gave them no protection whatsoever. The treatment meted out to Lustig was intentional, premeditated and criminal and it was done in full sight of at least two match officials.

    I had a wee chuckle after Joes belter on the minute mark. Apparently, Lomas was having a good old go at the fourth official, about god knows what and I couldn’t help wondering what he could be saying;

    ‘Bit, bit, bit we wurnae ready, !

    Well done all the Bhoys, on and off the park, including Anthony, a player I’ve seen a big improvement in attitude wise since his return to the first team.

    (He just tic-ed me off a tad with that pa@sh)


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