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Levein: Hearts trophy wins justify spending

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Craig Levein newsIn a bizarre throw away comment Craig Levein has claimed that two Scottish Cup wins are a price worth paying for the financial troubles at Hearts.

The demise of Ukio Bankus has cast a massive cloud over Tynecastle with around £15m owed. How that debt will be treated and the role of Vladimir Romanov are two of the many questions that remain unanswered with the threat of administration hanging over the club.

Amid the constant changes of manager during the Romanov years the club has spent big on player salaries but since last season’s Scottish Cup triumph over Hibs the big earners have been moved on alongside managers Paolo Sergio and John McGlynn.

Looking forward to Sunday’s derby against Hibs former Hearts boss Levein said: “I went to Hearts in 2000 (as manager) and left in 2004 and, before I got there, salaries had just rocketed.

“Banks were happy to lend loads of money and it was a case of chasing the Old Firm who were signing multi-million pound players. But who am I to criticise (Hearts) because the club has been successful and had two Scottish Cup wins.”

Those cup successes have been achieved at an incredible price. Years of goading Hibs fans about trophies and balance sheets have now  been met with financial reality over the last six months.

Supporters have been asked to bail the club out with HMRC keeping a close watch on developments as the club live life on the edge.

Football should be about glory and success but not through financial recklessness. Stricter application of licensing regulations from the SFA and the introduction of Financial Fair Play should ensure a more level playing field and ensure that on-field success isn’t achieved at a price- the survival of a club.

The examples of Dunfermline and Rangers ought to make that crystal clear.

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