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Heavily conflicted Ogilvie accuses Celtic in Rory Bremner farce

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campbell ogilvieAfter years of hiding in the bunker at Hampden heavily conflicted SFA President Campbell Ogilvie has found his voice to criticise the Rory Bremner comment made by Peter Lawwell at last week’s Celtic AGM.

Ogilvie, a former director of Rangers (In Liquidation), beneficiary of the EBT Scheme and architect of the Discount Option Scheme, known as the ‘wee tax case’ decided to leap on the favoured bandwagon of comparing Sevco and Celtic as two sides of the same coin.

It seems that the president of the SFA has no concept of liquidation despite helping Rangers on that path under the disastrous leadership of Dave Murray before switching to Hearts where Vladimir Romanov took the Edinburgh institution into administration with liquidation a near certainty.

Having kept his thoughts to himself throughout the administration and liquidation of his beloved Rangers Ogilvie roared into action tonight on the SFA website.

He said:  “This week, the Scottish FA’s Compliance Officer has reviewed comments made by the Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, at the club’s Annual General Meeting, after receiving an official letter of complaint from Rangers Football Club.

“The Compliance Officer has informed both clubs that there is no actionable breach of the rules. None the less, I am compelled to convey my disappointment that we find ourselves in this position, as a result of an apparent erosion of mutual respect between two of our oldest rivals.

“At a time when Scottish football faces challenges on many fronts, it is incumbent on our biggest clubs to set the highest standards. In this regard both the comments made, and the subsequent time, effort and resource imposed on our Compliance Officer to deal with the complaint, were wholly unnecessary.”

For the benefit of Ogilvie Celtic and the current club playing out of Ibrox are not sporting rivals- they have never played at a senior level.

Once he gets to grips with the reality that football merit is decided on the pitch rather than by denying HMRC money in order to attract a better standard of player Ogilvie will have a chance of leading Scottish football forward from the self inflicted ‘challenges on many fronts.

The Rangers Ogilvie remembers, will be the club of Murray and Donald Findlay, Dick Advocaat, Alex McLeish, Tore Andre Flo and Christian Nerlinger.

As a Rangers (In Liquidation) director he sat at the top table of various AGM’s as Findlay played to the gallery with quips about Celtic as they struggled financially while paying PAYE and National Insurance for the good of the country. And who will ever forget Murray’s claim that for every fiver Celtic spend Rangers will spend ten- the economics that led to Whyte and liquidation.

That Rangers died a death in June 2012 as the fans sat on their hands and blue nosed billionaires looked the other way when it came to putting their hands in their pockets to save their beloved institution.

As he thumbs through the rule book at Hampden and plots his next junket, probably to the World Cup draw in Brazil next month, Ogilvie ought to give some thought to the many clubs throughout Scotland that live within their means and pay their way.

Perhaps publishing the highly secretive ‘Five Way Agreement’ that fast tracked Sevco into senior football would give Ogilvie and his colleagues at the SFA the platform to meet the current challenges facing the game.

Claims that Celtic and the current club from Ibrox are ‘two of our oldest rivals” is as accurate as the accounts Ogilvie used to sign of as a Rangers (In Liquidation) director during the glory days of Murray.

Those days are over, hopefully Ogilvie’s place on the gravy train funded by Celtic are also about to come to a shuddering halt.

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  • Joe says:

    This new club, Sevco, can get their players to europe if Ian Black can manage a few better wagers. They could all go to europe on vacation! But then again, Blacks record as a gambler isn’t that good is it?

  • Thomas Haverstock says:

    Well done Joe your the number one sight Keep up the good work Hail Hail J M J

  • paul McCann says:

    can someone ask ogilvie how celtic wasted the sfa time when they did not complain and given his track record with hearts soon to be liquidated rangers definitely liquidated why is he still in a job

  • drawkcab says:

    Campbell ogilvie

    Haw haw haw

    St John ogilvie couldn’t save sevco.

    Haw haw haw

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