Date: 24th August 2015 at 5:59pm
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Stressed out Age Hareide lost the plot today at a media conference as he explained the difference between f**k and pig!

After losing 3-2 last week to the boss claimed that Celtic players didn’t have the legs to last 90 minutes.

Goalkeeper Johan Wiland described the Celtic players as pigs to a Swedish newspaper with that comment quickly becoming the main follow up in the aftermath of the match.

Angered by the interpretation of that comment in English Hareide used his linguistic skills at today’ pre-match media conference.

The Malmo boss said: “If you travel abroad and you are going to write about players from or or Germany or or , you have to learn the words.

“To play like a pig is to play dirty. It was a tough game but it was not a dirty game.”

Thumping his desk, Hareide added: “A pig is something else in English than it is in Scandinavia. You have a word that starts with f and ends in k and you say it all the time. It means something else in Scandinavia. It is not swearing in Scandinavia. So you have to have respect for other languages.

“That is why I am upset with the press, you just translate things and then put them in headlines.

“The only thing I want from the press is to tell the truth. You have to have respect for languages and the places you travel to, to pronounce things correctly.”

As one Swedish fan commented on this website: “Hello from Sweden. To play like a pig, or being a pig when playing, means you play a bit dirty, but it’s not as strong as it sounds in English. By the way, I Think Malmö will lose even the next game.”