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Kenny Miller compares Sevco with Barcelona!

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Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

Wacky Kenny Miller has compared Sevco’ form slump with Barcelona!

On Saturday both club’ drew 2-2 at home but while Luis Enrique prepares for the World Club Cup in Japan Pep Warburton’s side have been promoting the Petrofac Cup Final with Peterhead.

With hot on their heels it seems that the pressure is starting to get through to the Ibrox squad with Lee Wallace claiming that having a better training ground than the Edinburgh side will have an impact on the league race.

Eager to retain the feel good factor despite just two wins from five matches Miller was in reflective mood as he considered Saturday’ 2-2 draw with Morton.

At the weekend too many of us were off form and did well defensively,” the former Vancouver Whitecap marksman said.

Our failure to win was down to a bit of both and teams setting up that way against us is nothing new.

We’re not the only side who faces it. drew 2-2 on Saturday and they are the best team in the world. You can have an off day when teams set up against you.

However, we must ensure that no matter how we play, we come through and win.

The manager says we are not going to play the beautiful game every week and be at the top of our game but we have to find a way to win. We spoke about it after the match, although what goes on in the dressing room will stay in the dressing room.

If you could put your finger on what was going wrong you would sort it straight away.

We are working hard to make sure results like that don’t happen again. No disrespect to Morton, who were fantastic on the day, but we should be winning those games at home.

There was a lengthy ?discussion about what didn’t happen, what needs to happen and what we need to make sure doesn’t happen again.

I took it upon myself to speak to the lads but the manager expects everyone to have an opinion. No opinion is wrong.”

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  • sligotim says:

    Yes and this morning another superstar from Ibrokes Lee Wallace saying we have best team and best Manager, if I was playing now I`d be shaking in my boots at BARCELONA there coming to get you, just like the Tele it`s full of ZOMBIE films and serials

  • mike says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.Ha. Ha.Ha. The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

  • TonyB says:

    The bold Misser must have mistakenly drunk his sun tan lotion.
    He and Warbles are obviously on vacation on the planet Zanussi. The beautiful game at Aye Brokes? PMSL.

  • jaztecc says:

    no disrespect to Morton ha ha… that’s what’s wrong with these muppets self delusional and as for Kenny I took it apun myself to speak to the lads, the scoring sensation that he is against the lower leagues with men out working for a living and there he is just banging them in ha ha ha

  • Paul Morgan says:

    Hi Kenny wants went wrong.with you since you left celtic you seem to have went delirious mental with your recently comments about sevco.the new rangers. Maybe if you worked s wee bit harder at celtic who still exist your sanity would still exist too. Ps hail hail the cells still exist

  • jaztecc says:

    BREAKING NEWS… this just in, messi on Spanish tv quoted as saying “if it can happen to rangers then it can happen to us”

  • SeanBhoy says:

    I’m sure Messi must be bricking it … many sunbed’s Kenny, give your heid a rest .

  • schoosh71 says:

    Morton beat us not that long ago. So I think Jim Duffy should be getting the credit he deserves and not the semi-illiterate rambling of Mr miller. HH

  • wulz says:

    Pressure is starting to tell on sevco !

  • kingsnake says:

    I hate that weasel bastard Miller. I can’t believe we ever gave him a wage …

  • Joe Kerr says:

    Just as well the government doesn’t tax humor, imagine what sevco would owe them.

  • drawkcab says:

    And Alloa are Real Madrid.

  • Hugh Burns says:

    This clown is really needing too be sectioned.! Was it not the same clown who said after Celtic beat them the last game they played that the gulf between them (Celtic – sevco) was nil.

    This is the way to keep sevco on the back pages and the knuckle crackers in the media always take it line, hook, and sinker. But only because they also look through blue tinted glasses. How on earth can this wee team from the championship ever be talked about in the same breath as Barca?

    I think the bbc and stv also think that sevco are Barca as they get on first reports every night. And when sevco got a second goal on Saturday against the mighty Morton David Currie on BBC Sportsview could not hide his delight.

    Talk about not showing bias. Well it was very plain too see. So maybe he can also join Kenny Miller in the “big hoose” commonly known as the “nut hoose”

  • Big Mike says:

    This guy Miller has flipped! Well past his sell by date also!

  • John Fallon says:

    yes just dream I still miss no playing for Real/Barca/Bayern/Albion Rovers ha ha sorry big Pat wiz dreaming

  • owen dolan says:

    Don’t remember Barcelona being liquidated.!

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