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Deluded Boyd blames ‘Rangers relegation’ for Scotland’s problems

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Deluded Kris Boyd believes that Scotland’s international problems can be traced back to the SFA’s decision to ‘relegate’ Rangers!

According to the former Ibrox striker Scotland’s problems started in 2012 when The SFA refused to bail out the club that had cheated every other team in the country for over a decade.

While Boyd was picking up trophies, medals and watching Champions League matches from the bench most of his former team-mates were having the bulk of their wages stuffed into secretive off shore accounts.

The accumulation of tax debts finally led to HMRC rejecting the half hearted CVA offered by the club with no wealthy blue noses willing to pick up the tab for the trophies plundered during the Murray years.

Despite the best efforts of Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster the new club were refused a free ticket into the top flight with the experience of living within their means proving painful for the tribute act.

Writing in The Sun today about Scotland’s World Cup woes Boyd claims: “I thought it privately at the time and I’ve seen nothing to make me change my mind in the years since.

My old club should never have been treated the way they were but for me, there is no getting away from the fact that the national team has suffered as a direct result.

Scotland needed to have players at Rangers playing at the highest level. Instead, the club found itself in the third division with all their top players moving on.

Since 2012 we’ve had one of our biggest clubs — in fact, to my mind, THEbiggest club in the country, wasting its time.

Previous Scotland managers had a number of Rangers players to choose from and they knew what they were getting.

They were players who had a winning mentality — something which just isn’t there in that team now.”

In contrast to Boyd’s view others would suggest that Dave Murray’s arrival and the financial doping at Ibrox has ruined the domestic game.

Before Murray started to spend way beyond the club’s means Dundee United and Aberdeen were reaching the latter stages of European competitions with Scottish players in demand throughout England.

With Murray’s aim to dominate and obliterate all competition, funded by the Bank of Scotland then EBT’s the Scottish game has been an uneven playing field and brought to it’s knees in international terms.

Despite the hindrance of paying income tax and national insurance to HMRC, Celtic have been able to draw with English and German opponents in this season’s Champions League.

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