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Kris Boyd’s incredible economics lecture

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Fresh from his bizarre claim that the SFA relegated a club that was being liquidated Kris Boyd has today delivered a lesson in economics!

The former Portland Timbers strike ace has used his column in The Sun to explain why Moussa Dembele isn’t worth £20m or two thirds of Christian Benteke if you prefer.

Boyd was a £450,000 signing for Rangers (IL) from Kilmarnock in 2006 with all subsequent moves being under freedom of contract which perhaps explains his difficulties in understanding transfer fees.

A transfer fee comes down to negotiating between two clubs- simple supply and demand. If one Scottish club is interested in a player the fee tends to be low. If three or four top clubs are interested in a player with a good attitude who is scoring in the Champions League and internationally the fee tends to be much higher- a bidding war can break out.

Opening up today’s masterpiece Boydy writes: “This idea he’s going to leave for £30m or even £40m is utterly ridiculous.

Never mind Dembele, you could buy just about every CLUB in Scotland for that kind of silly money.

But before Celtic fans start on me, here’s a simple question I’d ask anyone who raves about the Frenchman: Why is Dembele in Scotland?”

Dembele is in Scotland to play in the Champions League- the competition that Boyd watched from the substitutes bench as Walter Smith’s financially doped superstars parked the bus across Europe. Boyd has the same amount of Champions League goals as Fraser Forster and Craig Gordon. Recently a man from Motherwell bought at 141 year old institution for £1.

Getting into his stride the crocked striker adds: “Let’s see if he can sustain his form because that’s easier said than done.

Who knows, he may go from strength to strength. But cast your mind back to Marco Negri.

He could do no wrong for Rangers back in the day and rattled in 23 goals in his first ten games when he arrived at Ibrox.

Then what? Nothing. His form fell off a cliff and, before he knew it, he was on his way out the door.”

Thankfully Dembele isn’t playing for a side that was dumped out of Europe by Gothenburg and Strasbourg. Dembele smiles after scoring because he is comfortable and happy in his working environment.

Really revving up Boyd adds: “No matter how good he looks in a Celtic shirt, there’s only so much money teams are going to be prepared to pay for a Scottish Premiership player.

Henrik Larsson didn’t have a £30m price tag on his head when he played here and Dembele shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath.

Why didn’t Larsson have that market value? Because the majority of his Celtic goals were scored in the SPL.

We all knew in this country he was a goalscoring sensation.

His record wasn’t quite as good as mine but he was one of the best players in the world — and he proved it at Manchester United and Barcelona.”

Boydy, Henrik’s record knocks you for six.

Larsson scored more than one goal in Glasgow derbies

Did you play and score in five World Cup and European Championship Finals?

Did you score 59 career goals in European competitions?

Did you score twice in a UEFA Cup Final?

After leaving Scotland did you play in a winning Champions League team?

Boyd concludes with: “But flogging their big hitman for upwards of £20m? Mark my words on this, it’s not going to happen.”

Some people said Rangers (IL) would never go into administration.

Kris Boyd agreed a £215,000 ‘tax free’ EBT to play for Rangers (IL).

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