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Revealed- the true extent of Celtic’s Champions League wages gulf

Image for Revealed- the true extent of Celtic’s Champions League wages gulf

Celtic’s Champions League opponents Manchester City and Barcelona are in the top four payers in world football.

Published today the Global Sports Salary Survey reveals that City players were averaging £96,445 per week during 2015 while Barcelona players were collecting an average of £90,675.

According to the survey Celtic players were picking up £17,345 while in the Bundesliga Borussia Monchengladbach players are earning £21,177 per week.

The annual survey provides an incredible amount of information with information gathered from 13 countries covering seven sports.

Paris St Germain were the top payers averaging just over £100,000/week to their players to win the French title and reach the last eight of the Champions League.

In England the highest payers after Manchester City were Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal with those clubs likely to have made significant budget increases following the new television deal which started in the summer.

In Scotland the second highest top division payers were Aberdeen whose players were averaging £2,706/week which was double the average paid at clubs such as St Johnstone, Kilmarnock and Motherwell.

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