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Watch as Steven Gerrard outlines his future plans

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Stephen Gerrard has revealed that he won’t be rushed into his next move.

The former Liverpool skipper is about to leave LA Galaxy and has confirmed that he has options on and off the park to consider.

A reunion with Brendan Rodgers has been hinted at strongly without any official comment from anyone close to a possible deal.

Gerrard was speaking in a farewell interview to LA Galaxy with the only hint as to where he will next be being a mention of England and being with his family.

The Anfield icon stated when he left Liverpool that he would never play against the club although it remains to be seen if he will be held to that statement.

I was at Liverpool for a very long time, I was very comfortable there,” he revealed. “I was almost like a piece of furniture there, because I’d been there that long.

To accept this challenge ( moving to LA Galaxy) and come here for 17/18 months as it’s been was a big decision for me but I’ve got no regrets.

I’m going back to England to live, it’s certainly not the end of me in football terms. I’ve got a lot of things to consider over the coming weeks and months. I’m sure that I’ll be back involved in the game.

I’ve got options on the pitch, options off the pitch. Everyone is aware that I have a contract with BT Sport to analyse the Premier League and the Champions League games.

I’ll honour that when I’m back but I’ve got a bit of thinking to do over the next two or three weeks. I’m not ready to make a decision or finalise anything about when I’ll be moving forward.

What I will say is that I’m going home to spend some time with my family, basically go over my options and decide what is the best next challenge for me.”

A move to Celtic would see him follow in the footsteps of Robbie and Roy Keane who both has stints in a hooped shirt after lengthy careers in England.

Celtic fans are split on whether signing Gerrard would be a step forward or whether his arrival would hinder the development of other younger midfielders.

A coaching role at Celtic may be a compromise option giving Gerrard the chance to try out his ideas on the training ground and allow players such as Callum McGregor, Stuart Armstrong and Liam Henderson to benefit from working alongside a legend of the game on a daily basis.

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