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How Scott Brown responded to #rangersarecoming

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Back in August there was an unhealthy cocktail of delusion and superiority hanging over Murray Park.

What could possible go wrong for the Scottish Cup runners up as they launched their #goingfor55 campaign with Joey Barton and Nico Kranjcar working out at the state-of-the-art training complex. Soon they’d be joined by Joey Garner.

Mark Warburton had retained all of his Championship winning squad and was on his way to bringing in 11 signings ever better than the players that had hammered Celtic four months earlier in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

As well as #goingfor55 we were told that #rangersarecoming. Bomber Brown believed that Celtic had panicked into bringing in Brendan Rodgers to cope with Warbo’s warriors.

When Scott Brown suggested that Aberdeen would again be Celtic’s biggest challengers he was laughed at and mocked. The Celtic skipper couldn’t speak out about the fear that dogged every corridor of Celtic Park and Lennoxtown.

Given a four year advantage Celtic had blown it all, there was virtually no gap between the two Glasgow clubs, if anything the advantage lay in Govan where the words of wisdom from Pep Warbiola were the new footballing gospel.

Responding to silly bhoy Brown’s title prediction Miller said: “Let’s be honest about it, he knows from the semi-final last year where we won on penalties but we dominated that game.

We were worthy winners and if we didn’t win it in normal time it should have been extra time. He knows the challenge we’re going to bring them this season.

As much as the focus is going to be on Rangers and Celtic, there are other teams who will have a say in it, that’s for sure. Aberdeen and Hearts are good sides. There are other good sides who will take points off us and off other teams.

Reading what Broony said, and what I’m saying, can only fire them on to want to prove a point.”

Every week teams are fired up by the trash that comes out of Ibrox with the comments of Miller to the fore.

Twelve wins from 25 matches tells it’s own story, across the city Celtic are 30 points clear of Miller’s tribute act.

Ever respectful but totally arrogant Warbo didn’t have a clue what was waiting for him in the top flight of Scottish football.

Responding to Brown’s prediction the former city photocopy salesman said: “I’ve only ever met Scott once. He’s a very experienced pro, an international player, and he gave his opinion.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. He gave his opinion. Mine would be very different to Scott’s, but that’s the beauty of the game. I’ve got no problem with that at all.

If it takes a Scott Brown to make a comment to stir our players up then we’ve got a problem. Hopefully we’re beyond that.”

Warbo’s squad have been beyond most things this season, earlier this week Tony Mowbray got the Blackburn job ahead of the smug former Brentford supremo.

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