Date: 20th March 2017 at 12:21pm
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The Daily Record have turned to a French academic to warn Celtic that they must try to keep the club from Ibrox relevant!

Five years after the old club went into liquidation the tribute act are follow following the same route to oblivion.

Two years after celebrating the Dave King revolution the company is still without a high street bank, a NOMAD or share listing and dependent on soft loans from three businessmen.

Unless Dave King can find £7m by April 12 to offer 20p for every share in the company the club’s current toxic state will deteriorate even further.

If the South African based criminal fails to find the funds or a NOMAD to support the offer even Metro Bank will walk away with the reputation of the Three Bears, including Douglas Park, in tatters.

Despite those pressing issues, as pressing as a demand from HMRC, the Record has turned to Dr Fatih Karanfil to explain why Celtic need an Ibrox rival!

Doc Karanfil reveals: “If Celtic has a good striker, Rangers should find a good striker. What my study shows is that this has not been the case. If this trend continues, the Old Firm will be seriously damaged if not destroyed.

The non-existence of performance-based rivalry between the two clubs is not a problem just for Rangers. If Celtic fans are no more interested in what Rangers do, this will hurt fans’ identification.

So a closer collaboration between marketing and public relations departments of the clubs is needed.”

Any Celtic fans that would like to be associated with an organisation that hates Ireland and catholics already have an option within Glasgow.

Perhaps Doc Karanfil would be better off telling Barcelona fans how their club needs Espanyol or why the survival of Leyton Orient is crucial to Chelsea’s prospects.