Date: 20th April 2017 at 12:09pm
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The long awaited fraud trial involving Craig Whyte finally got underway in Glasgow this morning.

Almost six years after handing over a pound coin to Dave Murray the former billionaire will have his say about the transaction.

It seems incredible that so much public funds have been spent on a case involving Murray whose business empire crashed costing the tax payer close to £1bn following the decisions of the Bank of Scotland to provide an almost limitless overdraft with little in the way of auditing carried out.

Murray was in talks with Whyte for over six months and would have known every detail about his background, during his time as chairman of Rangers (IL) Murray could give schooling details and footballing preferences for everyone in the Scottish media.

Intrepid courtroom reporter James Doleman will be covering the trial in detail but it’s unclear yet as to whether live tweeting will be allowed from the court.

The trial was expected to start on Tuesday but after two days of delays it got underway at 10am this morning, if it continues some of the biggest names in Scottish football are expected to be called..