Date: 15th April 2017 at 10:46am
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The Sun newspaper has committed one of the biggest own goals in publishing history by giving Kelvin MacKenzie another opportunity to let rip with his hatred for the city of Liverpool.

MacKenzie was the editor when The Sun published it’s THE TRUTH edition which blamed Liverpool fans for the Hillsbrough tragedy and made a series of incredible claims about the actions of drunk supporters.

It took over 20 years for the Justice For The 96 campaign to unearth the real truth which was an establishment cover up along the lines of the Birmingham Six as vested interests were protected in order to deflect from their failings that resulted in innocent deaths.

In 2012 The Sun finally got around to apologising for the original story but to many folk on Merseyside and beyond this just seemed like a cynical marketing move which was confirmed when they re-employed MacKenzie as a columnist.

The arch Thatcherite has remained evasive on the subject and took the opportunity on the eve of the 28th anniversary to launch another attack on the people of Liverpool.

Ross Barkley was the new target as he spewed out all the cliches under the (real) sun about the people of Liverpool with a dash of racism thrown in for extra impact.

The main issue here isn’t MacKenzie, his views aren’t a surprise but the chain of command at The Sun that let the article hit the printing presses.

If it had been online only it would quickly have been binned but this morning there will be a few people very concerned about their career at News International.

To reach any position of power within the company they must know how sensitive the subject of MacKenzie and Liverpool is.

If he praised the city and it’s people folk would instantly shout FAKE.

Earlier this season Liverpool Football Club withdrew all media facilities from The Sun with many stockists including Tesco refusing to sell the publication.

With social media in meltdown over the story the fall out will only intensify, no PR specialist could hope to limit this damage- or wish to be associated with Kelvin The Truth MacKenzie.