Date: 3rd June 2017 at 9:30am
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After nine years writing a weekly column John Hartson and the Scottish Sun are going their separate ways.

The former Celtic striker made the announcement today with the cynic suspecting that the Welshman is about to be replaced by his former Celtic team-mate Chris Sutton.

There is little room for sentiment in the media which is entirely results driven with Sutton the most talked about pundit in Scottish football.

Sutton is currently a columnist for the Daily Record but since signing that contract his profile has increased dramatically with BT Sport and twitter providing the perfect platform for his views.

Over the last few seasons the Record has lost heavyweight columnists James Traynor, Tam Cowan and Hugh Keevins- it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sutton jump ship to the more high profile Scottish Sun.

For a few years Hartson’s straight talking was essential reading but gradually his views have lost some of their clout or been eclipsed by Sutton’s rising profile.

Explaining his departure the Welshman said: “With this season coming to an end, though, the sports editor and I have both agreed that now is probably the right time to bring the column to an end.

It’s made me think of everything that’s gone on in my life during the past nine years. So much has happened in that time.

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer was life-changing but people won’t know that for months the paper honoured my contract even when I wasn’t able to write my column.

At an extremely worrying time for me and my family that meant so much. I’ll never forget that.

When I was battling my addiction for compulsive gambling — as I still do to this day — I was able to use this space in the paper to warn others of the dangers.

I’ll miss putting my views across but as everyone always says the best things always come to an end.

He added: “For me there are too many pundits and columnists who take good money from this business without being willing to say anything that might upset anyone but the day I started this role I vowed that would never be me.

It wasn’t always easy, though. Everyone know Celtic is a club close to my heart, having played there for six years.

I’ve never tried to hide that but there have been times when I’ve had to be critical of some of the people there and I make no apology for it.

That was my job as a columnist and had I not been honest I wouldn’t have been able to look myself in the mirror.”

Hartson played at Celtic for five years, from 2001 to 2006.