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How the SFA failed Rangers

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As fans of Sevco and Rangers come to terms with the not guilty charge given to Craig Whyte they can start to look in two directions at the death of their cherished institution.

At Dave Murray and Stewart Regan.

Murray’s business madness was taking the club over a cliff edge with the accelerator on at full- it was Regan’s job to apply the brakes.

In the spring of 2011 Murray did everything in his power to get rid of the football club from Ibrox.

The prospect of playing in the group phase of the Champions League the following season was the only attraction in the sale- without a £15-20m injection of cash from UEFA the house of cards would collapse.

All sorts of dodges were performed by Murray to keep the show on the road but refusing to pay for the small tax case was a step too far.

As the small tax case became known in the spring of 2011 the asking price for Rangers dropped from £6m to £1.

On March 30 Rangers declared that there was no overdue tax payables, they did so again on June 30.

Had the SFA asked for proof that the wee tax case had been paid Rangers may be with us today.

Forcing the club, or new owner Whyte to pay the tax bill would have meant a £2.8m reduction in Ally McCoist’s war-chest but surely that would be a price worth paying?

The UEFA licence criteria isn’t in place to help Celtic, it’s there to protect clubs and supporters to ensure some sort of level playing field and fair play.

If McCoist had been unable to sign Lee Wallace and Matt McKay questions may have been asked about the state of Rangers (IL) at the time.

The Scottish Football Association are in place to protect clubs, especially from the faults from their own faults from within.

As Whyte heads off for a well deserved holiday it’s time for change within the SFA as the licence issue of 2011 is published and the guilty men that allowed it to happen, and have covered up, are exposed and banned from office.

With the current basket case given a UEFA licence for 2017/18 despite multiple failings it seems only a matter of time before administration and liquidation again visits Ibrox..

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