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King behind Charlotte Fakes

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Dave King was behind the stolen information that created Charlotte Fakes.

The explosive information was revealed during the Craig Whyte fraud trial but can only now be revealed now that the former billionaire is a free man.

During 2013 some incredible information started to leak out regarding the main figures in the liquidation of Rangers.

Emails, letters, documents and even taped conversations were published through the Charlotte Fakes twitter account. Charlotte Square is the address in Edinburgh that hosted Dave Murray’s disgraced empire.

The information exposed by Charlotte Fakes helped drive down the share price in the tribute act as the toxic web of ownership was exposed.

The Sun reported Donald Findlay saying: “An individual known to the Crown hacked into the computer of Mr Whyte and stole material. It was then used, putting it broadly, for potential blackmail.

This material was recovered in some way from the thief because of a payment of a significant amount by Mr King.”

The South African based criminal was reported to have bought shares in the tribute act shortly after Christmas 2014 at a price of 18p. Fans bought shares two years earlier at launch for 70p..

King is currently the subject of action from the Takeover Appeal Board after refusing to offer all shareholders 20p per share after being found guilty of acting as a concert party with other investors.

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