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Rangers Tax Case puts SFA in the dock

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The highly rated Rangers Tax Case has returned to twitter with probing questions of the on going Rangers/Sevco governance issues.

Craig Whyte’s aquittal and a directorship for Alastair Johnston came at the same time as Stewart Regan hinted that a mistake may have been made in giving Rangers (IL) a UEFA licence in 2011.

The SFA could have distanced themselves from the events of 2011 but with Dave King, Paul Murray and now Johnston back inside the tent it appears that Stewart Regan wants to put liquidation down as a minor hiccup.

Separate from their role in the liquidation of the club Murray, Johnston and King were all directors when the club claimed on their licence application that there was no overdue tax payables, the Whyte trial clearly demolished that myth.

Allowing Andrew Dickson onto Scottish FA Football Regulatory Advisory Group confirms that view with RTC highlighting a number of key issues that look certain to lead to a re-run of 2012 when administration was followed by liquidation.

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