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Naismith’s incredible u-turn

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Shameless has claimed that Sevco are in fact Rangers!

In 2012 the City ace refused to TUPE his contract to the new club and headed south to as a free agent.

Naismith held a media conference to explain his decision revealing to how had shown no interest in the highly paid stars who had taken the old club into liquidation.

Since Green bought the old club assets a number of directors and executives have directors have taken money out of convincing the gullibles that and shafting 276 creditors never really happened.

Given a platform by the BBC wee Naisy said: ‚ÄúNothing changed as a football club and that’ where I was wrong.

“At the time, I was panicking about the legal situation, ‘If I say this, they can do that’. I was being guided on what to say.

“I can understand why [Rangers weren’t happy]. Even some of my mates have chinned me about it.

“You were walking a tightrope, worried about what to say from a legal side of things. But, for me, the club was still the same, everything was still the same.

“It’s one of the biggest regrets of my career. I still support and want them to get back challenging.”

At the time Naisy and his departing colleagues knew that the club they signed for was dead, heading for the morgue.

The next time the BBC wish to peddle fake news they can explain why the ‘same club’ started the 2012/13 season in the bottom tier, started the League Cup and Scottish Cup at the first round and allowed Motherwell to take part in the Champions League qualifiers.

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