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Poll to take action on Hampden stitch up

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The events at Hampden yesterday look like mobilising Scottish football fans into a last push to restore credibility to the ailing game.

When the top clubs voted Stewart Robertson onto their Board of Directors credibility blew straight out the window.

Robbo may indeed be a very very lovely guy but he draws an impressive salary from a club that is destroying Scottish football.

Sevco are serial offenders in terms of Financial Fair Play yet get their application to play in the Europa League was rubber stamped by the football authorities with fellow SPFL director Ann Budge leading the guard of honour.

Every week wherever Sevco play one group of fans fly a flag that proclaims that the SFA and SPFL are corrupt to the core. Perhaps Robbo could explain that across the coffee table?

In the final month of the season Robbo’s fans made racist chants at Scott Sinclair, allowed one fan a steward free route to confront Scott Brown and threw missiles including a large sized battery at Celtic players.

Robbo, his club and the SPFL never said a word. What can Celtic players expect when they visit Ibrox in September with the home fans getting the silent approval from the SPFL?

With Ibrox buddy Les Gray joining Budge and Robertson on the board anything is possible with the whole set up voted in and approved by all Premier League clubs.

The launch last week of the Scottish Football Supporters Association survey is a step in the right direction but a populist move is required- a leader in the mould of Turnbull Hutton has to be found to articulate the feelings of supporters.

With club leaderships completely out of touch, including the fan led board at Motherwell, it seems like the last chance is upon us as the vested interests inside Hampden attempt to turn the clock back a decade to give their friends at Ibrox a different set of rules in order to halt Celtic.

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