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Tony Watt stands up to the racists

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Tony Watt has added his voice to the criticism of the racist idiots who painted slogans on their bonfire about Scott Sinclair.

Following the wall of silence from Ibrox after fans racially abused the Celtic forward it’s been open season for the racists with little intervention other than PR do-gooders getting wheeled out for photo opportunities.

With no meaningful action on the ground or in the courts the softly softly approach clearly isn’t working.

Yesterday pictures emerged taunting Sinclair as a bonfire was being prepared in Belfast.

While he is clearly loved by the Celtic support Sinclair must wonder what sort of backwater he has arrived in.

A year ago he had none of that rubbish to deal with as he went about pre-season training with Aston Villa.

Until specific incidents are highlighted by the clubs associated with star players sending out the message it can only be assumed that the anti-racism message is for two or three days a year of back slapping with no real appetite to really tackle the issue.

Sinclair is due to be part of the Celtic squad that faces Linfield on Friday night at Windsor Park.

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